DXL | The Monochrome Edition

Untitled-20Monochrome has been one of the big trends in fashion for 2015. With 2016 just around the corner, this trend stands strong! When you combine this modern fashion trend with streetwear, you can’t go wrong.

After a conversation with my friend Lex, I decided to do things a bit differently this time around. She is a veteran when it comes to great fashion, especially streetwear. Can you say collaboration?

For these outfits we combined high end designers with some of our favorite streetwear shops.   I’m going to quote Lex on this one… “It’s litt.”



♥ Moschino Printed T-Shirt Dress | $1,050.00 USD at STYLEBOP

This dress is from the very fun Moschino Resort 2016 Collection. While this dress is one of the more toned down pieces in the collection, it still gives that WOW factor. This piece has been spotted on Ariana Grande and Katy Perry…but the question is…

Who wore it better?

While Katy was the star of the Fall 15′ Moschino campaign…and her photos were gorgeous…

I have to give this one to Ariana.


Sorry Katy.

Giuseppe Zanotti Design boots in Vivienne | $1,487.50 USD at Giuseppe Zanotti Design

Vlieger & Vandam clutch in Guardian Angel | $395.00 USD at  Farfetch

Alexis outfit12

ASOS Oversized Hoodie | $60.91 USD at ASOS

♦ Denim Killer Waxed Combat Jeans | $120.00 USD at Denim Killer

These jeans are inspired by the classic DK military design, and have a little bit of stretch for comfort. The large pocket in front is a favorite of mine, because it sets them apart from any other pants I have ever seen before. -Lex

Vertias Bracelet in Densa | $125.00 USD at Veritas by Design

Veritas Necklace in Veritas Ruby | $145.00 USD at Veritas by Design

Nike Air Jordan XI 11 Retro “72-10” | $99.99 USD – $389.99 USD at KickBackz

Outfit 2 no logo

Hera Tees Jacket in Taught Me | € 79,95 EUR at Hera Tees

Envy Halter Body Suit in White | $22.00 USD at Clothes Envy

MOTO Super Rip Jamie Jeans | $80.00 USD at Topshop

♥ Giuseppe Zanotti Design Sandals in Cruel Summer | $1,595.00 USD at Giuseppe Zanotti Design

Can you say goddess? That’s the first thing that comes to mind when I look at the 4.7 inch heel on these sandals. The wing detail in the center is extremely elegant. This  patent leather sandal is made in Italy and is definitely BELLISSIMA!


Rag & Bone Range Fedora Hat | $225.00 USD at FWRD

ASOS Military Kimono | $45.00 USD at ASOS

Only & Sons Muscle Fit Crew Neck T- Shirt | $18.00 USD at ASOS

Faux Leather Trouser | $49.90 USD at Zara

♦ ASOS Chelsea Boots in Suede | $72.00 USD at ASOS

This classic pair of boots can be worn with numerous outfits. The simplicity of the boots make them versatile. One can dress them up or down, depending on the look they are trying to achieve. -Lex

Which music artist/style icon is a Chelsea boot junkie?…

Kanye West of course! Just remember that Kanye…is the greatest of all time!

Veritas Necklace in Domitian | $250.00 USD at Veritas by Design


Thanks to Lex for dropping by, and if you would like to keep up with her on Instagram >>> @smooov_nation


christmas logo

What’s the Skinny?

After a bit of observation, I have come to a conclusion. These days many people plan for holiday food more than the actual holiday. It’s all fun and games until that last piece of pie. Then reality strikes!

Let us not fall victim to the cliché holiday timeline…

At the beginning of the holidays, you indulged in all the great food & drinks…later on in the season you might be a bit angry with yourself due to your diet…and when New Years rolls around…your resolutions list might look something like this…


Holiday pounds are a real thing! Here are 3 ways to help you shed those pounds, and add a little spice to your fitness routine!

1 | Drink enough water

I can not stress this enough! Water makes up over half of your body. If you don’t drink enough water right now, this should be your jump start. For those of you that don’t like regular water…

Spice it UP! Fruit-infused water

This is what many call “detox” water, and that it is! Adding luscious fruits and herbs to your water detoxifies your system, helps with weight loss, and reduces post workout fatigue.

Detox Water Flat Lay

Bonus: It makes your hair and skin look amazing!

Some popular detox water combinations are:

Lemon & Mint

Mango & Ginger

Tangerine & Strawberry

Cucumber & Lemon

2 | Write out a goals list

There really has to be a “method” to your madness. When writing down goals, most people make the mistake of striving for semi-unattainable goals. The belief with that method is that it will “push you”, and make you work harder….WRONG. Do not say you want to place in a runners marathon in 2 weeks if you can barely make it through a mile jog. Write down goals you know are within reach, then work your way to a larger one. This way you will be excited that you achieved your goal, and it will give you that necessary boost going into the next one!

Spice it UP! Reward yourself

After you reach a goal reward yourself. Now don’t get carried away, and fall off of the wagon. I don’t necessarily mean with food either. Buy a new workout top or a pair of cute leggings. New clothes for you and motivation to workout. It’s 2 for 1, and you can’t beat that!

UA tights

These Under Armour leggings are up next on my list!

 Price: $44.99 USD | Like them? Click the logo!


3 | Grab a friend!

There is nothing better that having an outside support system in any goal you want to achieve! A good friend of mine/former roommate is a lover of fitness. We made a habit out of going to the gym together, and she started a training series by Ashley Horner called Pipehitter. I wanted to know what all the hype was about, so I tried it with her…..

I loved it! I would recommend this workout to anyone who is in fairly good shape & likes to lift. It’s intense! Be sure to stretch before and after…you will thank me later.

Spice it UP! Indoor rock climbing

Your workout might be getting a little boring, and this is the time when you might need to step outside the box. Rock climbing is a great full body workout, and it gives you the opportunity to challenge yourself. Not all the climbing courses are the same, so if you’re not that experienced there is no need to worry. Plus, if you go with a friend you can push each other to keep climbing. Race you to the top!

word on the street

I asked some fit fanatics…

What’s your favorite part of working out & your favorite type of workout?

They said…

“It’s an escape, and my favorite workout is Olympic lifting.” – Jennypher | @jennypher.rossi (Alaska)

“My favorite part of working out is the end of it. Not because it’s over, but because I feel a great feeling of accomplishment. I don’t have a personal favorite, but most arm workouts I enjoy.”- Sarah (Illinois)

“Favorite part of working out is feeling the change in mental and physical health. Favorite workout is anything on legs and butt.” –Alexis | @lex_frombliss (Georgia)

“I love when I am on my last set in a workout, that means I’m almost done! My favorite workouts are running & core exercises.” – Ashley (Ohio)

“Favorite part of working out is the pump and the progress. My favorite workout is deadlifts.”- DQ (Georgia)

“Favorite part of working out is the blood rush to the muscles being worked. It lets me know that I’m working. My favorite workout is leg press.” – Sasha | @sdot_beautiful1 (Georgia)

“The feeling of accomplishment and that adrenaline to complete each set. My favorite workouts are bike, and treadmill with weights.”- Dezsarae (Arizona)

“The fact that for that one hour I am working out it’s all about me and being In tune with my body. My favorite is a powerful squat for the glutes!” – Aroosha | @arooshanekonam (Scotland)

“Favorite part is after I finish. I know I’m going to see results and knowing that I pushed myself to finish the workout. Favorite workouts are soccer workout. Usually shuttle runs.”- Zoe | @zswift_33 (Kentucky)


Thank you to all that participated in my survey! Alright everyone, get out there and get moving!