The Kiss List

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Now we all know the obvious answer to this, but there are more benefits to kissing than just getting you hot and bothered.

Some even say that the way their partner kisses can be a serious make or break in their relationship…YIKES! The thought of sharing such a vulnerable moment with someone special can make you feel many different ways…

Some feel like they are part of a love story… while the rest may feel like a bundle of nerves.

Thankfully kissing has some awesome health benefits, and if you have been kissed, then you fall into one or more of these smooch worthy categories:


Hopefully you are already happy with your date/girlfriend/boyfriend. A plus is your body’s chemical response to kissing that special someone. The response is the same as the boost you get after a good workout. That is some serious couple’s therapy!


Fun Fact: 66% of the population turn tilt their head to the right when they kiss…
You can stop tilting your head now.

burns calories

Not only is kissing a mood lifter and great way to display affection… It’s a great mini workout! During a heated make out session you can burn 6.4 calories per minute.

 That’s something you don’t think about everyday.

This does not mean you need to skip your cardio session to go snuggle up, but it’s definitely a plus that gets your heart racing!

Eases cramps.jpg

Ladies!! We constantly hunt for the almighty quick fix for that time of the month. Cramps can ruin any and everything. When you are emotionally connected to your partner many things can happen, but did you know that your sweetheart could be your personal pain-killer? Ever heard of a hormone called Oxytocin? It has even been called the “Love Hormone” or “Cupid’s Arrow”.

Fun Fact: This hormone has been directly linked with sexual pleasure, and is released during an orgasm.



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