Naughty Bits: Will They Be Good In Bed?

This question has crossed the mind of every sexually active person…”I wonder if they are good in bed”…”I wonder if he/she can do   insert naughty sexual favor  well.” Of course you can’t judge how a person is in bed at first glance, and hopefully you’re not reading this in attempt to figure out your new Tinder boo after 30 minutes of texting.

Let’s start off with pre-sex judgement.

Think about the last time you were really into someone. Before you knew how they were in the sack…What did you think about their skills in the bedroom? Good? Bad? or … “We aren’t going to make it that far.”

Hopefully the answer is good, and if so….What made you think they were good in bed? I know my personal beliefs (which I will share later), but I wanted to know the thoughts of a few others…and if you ask…you generally shall receive.

Sexy Sheets

I asked the wonderful people of social media an initial question…

“Do you prejudge your partner’s skills before sex?”

I got some interesting answers…and some a little kinkier than expected.

♀ | 1Definitely.

Self: Do you keep your expectations high or low, and why?

♀ | 1: Depends all on the vibe from the person. I can typically judge beforehand whether or not that mental/emotional connection will be there.

♀ | 2: Uummmm, well …….Yeah & No. Yeah cause I don’t like sexual surprises a.k.a I’d rather NOT be disappointed, but I’m pretty open to having to teach lmao!

♀ | 3: Yup lmao!

Self: Do you go in with low or high expectations?

♀ | 3: Depends on how buddy look and dress.

♂ | 1: You never know how good anyone is in the sack until you get there…People you think are shy normally could turn into freaks in the bed. People you think are outgoing could have sex like a fish on land. It’s a guessing game to be honest. I’ve had a wide range.

♀ | 4: I guess it really depends on the person.

Self: What would make you think a person is good in bed?

♀ | 4: Confidence.. But not too much. Cockiness to me is a sign of bad sex.

♀ | 5: No, prejudging often causes you to set yourself up for disappointment.

Self:  If the person is bad in bed is that a deal breaker for you?

♀ | 5: Depends because some people are teachable while others are simply just a no go. Sex is more than just laying in bed with someone, it’s more passionate than anything. You have to connect on a sexual level mentally and physically.

♂ | 2: Hell naw. Cuz every girl is different and you would be surprised and who got it and who don’t.

Self: What’s a deal breaker for you?

♂ | 2: Well I’m not big on standards personally. Petty, bad breath, and ugly feet are absolute no’s.

♂ | 3: Yep lol

Self: What makes you think a person would be good in bed? Signs?

| 3: Confidence, the way she kisses, the details she gives in a dirty text message…Lol

♀ | 6: I always expect them to be mediocre. However I’ve got credentials and references for my skills, so I don’t care if they judge before experiencing or not. Matter of time before they see the truth.

| 4: It might cross my mind, especially if the girl is really hot, but if she tells me she likes 50 Shades, or she likes some other kinky $&%* that’s a big NO for me. I’m not into that. I always judge the outwardly kinky ones as big teasers before I think they are good in bed.

Self: What is the weirdest thing a girl has ever told you she was into?

| 4: Last year I had a chick tell me that she liked to put spray whip in her cooch before oral.

Disclaimer: LADIES!! Don’t ever…EVER… E V E R  put any sugar/food based item near your NAUGHTY BITS! A balanced diet and lots of water will do your body just fine!

My answer ♀ |  Just like the majority of people, I will think about how the person I am into is in bed. Now let me be clear on something. THAT IS NOT MY INITIAL THOUGHT. If a person is interested in me for just sex and vice versa that’s a complete no go. I have to have an emotional connection with a person point blank. Now my thought process goes in a particular order…Sexual History is always first. I am not trying to catch anything! Second is Sexual Style…Are they romantic in bed? Are they lazy? Are they kinky?  Next are Limitations…I am not into the Dom and Sub 50 Shades Style sex. If you come at me with a riding crop and some rope two things will happen. I will either never speak to you again or we will fight! Lastly, my most frequent thought will be about Frequency. Are they a very sexual person that likes to have sex ALL OF THE TIME or are they rainy day love makers. These are questions that need answers people!

So now it’s your turn to figure it out! Grab your partner…Get out there, and get naked!…Just not in public because I don’t want anyone arrested.

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Rocksbox Review: December 2016

Happy New Year Loves! Hopefully everyone had a great NYE weekend. It’s the beginning of the month…You know what that means? It’s time for a Rocksbox review! With this set, I was sent two items on my wish list and one that was randomly chosen. My stylist for this set was Jessica, and she hooked me up!

Diasehs Rocksbox Review Header

But before I get into all the glamorous details…

Rocksbox is a jewelry service that presents its members with a subscription box every month for a flat rate. The pieces are all designer brands, and come in an array of styles. If  this is your first time hearing about this company or want even more details…

Check out my first Rocksbox review!

Let us continue…


Rocksbox Stylist Memo

Being the December baby that I am…I was hoping that I would just love this set so that three things could happen…

1 | I could wear them for my birthday festivities

2 | Keep them as a wonderful gift to myself

3 | Give you guys an AWESOME review!

Needless to say all of these things happened! I will be keeping two of the three items. Why not all three? I’ll let you know in just a bit…Keep reading.

Compare & Contrast

When looking at the pictures, I noticed something that isn’t shown clearly. This is not a bad thing for me, but it could be for someone else. The necklace is a vintage gold color, while the ring and earrings are a bright yellow gold. They compliment each other, but they are not the exact same shade.


When I opened the box, the first piece I pulled out was my Olivia & Grace Hexagon Pave RingFrom the photo on the site, you can not tell the size of the actual ring. It could be a huge cocktail ring, or it could be a dainty little ring. The ring is medium in size, and the pave detailing around the stone make this piece look so elegant. I would feel comfortable wearing this ring whether I am dressed up or down.

Diasehs Olivia & Grace Ring

The color of this ring is in Moonstone, but it also comes in another color that can be seen here!

The retail price for this ring is $115 USD

The Rocksbox Shine Insiders’ price is $81 USD

The last time I received a Perry Street necklace was in my first Rocksbox set, and I immediately fell in love with the brand. They have yet to disappoint me. The Perry Street piece I received in this set is the Faye Statement Necklace . This necklace is tastefully crafted, and not too bulky. I like that! With the colors that were used, the piece needed some simplicity in the style. As my stylist Jessica mentioned above…The color combination is beautiful. However, it’s the topaz that brings everything together. That’s what sold me on this piece.

Diasehs Perry Street Faye NecklacePerry Street Faye Necklace

The retail price for this necklace is $59 USD

The Rocksbox Shine Insiders’ price is $50 USD

I’m keeping this necklace! It’s mine…no questions asked. They have more of them I promise.

The last piece in my set is by Anita K. The Sweet Little Something Stud Set is a tiny treasure. Why do I say this? They are perfect for a few different things…

1 | If you don’t want to wear large stone or statement earrings

2 | If you have a second or third ear piercing and need some complimentary studs

3 | If you have on a large statement necklace and need some simple earrings

 Anita K Earrings

But…but…but…I will not be buying them. Why you ask? It’s not because I don’t like them…I lose studs like the average girl looses bobby pins! I know deep within my spirit that if I kept these earrings that I would only be able to locate one set of the three in about a month.

The retail price for this set is $63 USD

The Rocksbox Shine Insiders’ price is $53 USD

Like what you see? Want to have your own set of designer jewelry?

Use this link |

 so that you can get your first month of Rocksbox for FREE!

If you decide to use the invite, let me know. Like this post or leave a comment below!

Rocksbox Jewelry Flat Lay

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