Bali Series | Villa Review + Bonus

When someone mentions Bali, what is the first thing that comes to mind? Is it the beautiful beaches? The luscious rice fields or the amazing culture? The many YouTube videos you have watched from numerous travel bloggers? Of course all of those things stood out to me, but my first thought before going was of the amazing villas and how beautiful they were! I have never seen a place where almost every villa looks magical. I went through so many properties trying to pick the right one for this trip. At one point, I got frustrated and decided to make a list. I broke everything down into a list of needs and wants. I am going to share with you the villa that we chose and what it took to get there. Welcome to Part II of the Bali Series!

Within Seminyak, you will find a long road filled with shops and restaurants called Jalan Raya Seminyak No. 17. Behind this busy street you will find smaller streets lined with beautiful plants and many villas. Gang Keraton No. 36 is where you will find Villa Dua and the other gorgeous properties that make up Villa Nest.



While searching for a villa, my needs were not only things within the villa but the area around it as well. The villa itself had to have the following: be located within Seminyak, must have pickup to and from the airport, daily cleaning, pool, great wi-fi, closed in bedrooms, security, air conditioning, not be near a rice field, a water machine and not be too far from a main street. I also had a list of wants which consisted of: an outdoor shower, possibility of early check-in, not far from the beach, a safe, privacy, breakfast preparations and a female Airbnb host. The one thing I was extremely firm on other than cleaning was the location. I refused to be near a rice field due to mosquitoes.


FeesServices_DiasehsI got everything that I wanted and more with this villa! Now, let’s talk fees and extra services. At the time of booking this villa, the cost was $266.84 USD per night. The service fee was $107.51 USD, and that was paid once. We ended up doing an early check-in and the fee was $133.42 USD which was absolutely fine. Our flight arrived at 8:10 a.m. and I feel that is reasonable since standard check-in wasn’t until 3:00 p.m. She blocked the villa for the night before as well. This brings the grand total to a lovely $1,041.45 USD. There are no hidden fees!


Once we arrived at the airport, the driver was waiting in the lobby once we came from customs and baggage claim. He was holding a sign with my name on it, so it was very easy to find him. He brought the car around to us in the parking area which is right outside. From there, we went straight to the villa. He was extremely friendly. Our host, Awen, met us at the villa. She showed us around and gave us all the information about the villa. I loved her, and she was so sweet. She even brought us coffee desserts the day before we left!

Unfortunately, Awen was feeling a bit ill on the day of our departure, but she did call to wish us off. She also made sure I didn’t forget my passport, which was greatly appreciated. The full staff came to wish us off and helped us get us situated with the driver. We were at the airport in great timing, and we did not have to rush at all. Of course I gave Awen, her staff and the villa experience an amazing rating on Airbnb. If you are interested in this villa or one of the other properties included in Villa Nest, I say go for it! You will not be disappointed.


Let me make your life a bit safer & easier regarding your villa and stay in Bali!

  1. Villas are meant to be private. Most of them have high walls, large doors and are located off of smaller streets. If you’re in a taxi heading back to your villa, your driver may not be familiar with the specific street because they are small alleyways, and exactly as I said…PRIVATE. With that being said, find a popular area within walking distance of your villa. This will help your driver and sometimes get you the cheapest rate! In our case, we chose Bintang Supermarket.
  2. If you have a flight that arrives or departs very early in the morning or very late at night be mindful of location and traffic. The traffic flow in Bali is already bumper to bumper as it is, but once the evening hits…It is insane! Choose a villa closer to the airport if you need to get going quickly. If you have a bit more time to linger around, try to choose a villa with a driver. This way you will not have to track down a taxi while standing with your bags a few hours before your flight. The taxi driver does not care if you are late. Your villa driver will care.
  3. While in Bali, we felt completely safe the entire time, but every city has its own dangers. If you are out alone, especially at night, be mindful of your surroundings while walking back. While the location of your specific villa might be private, the area may be known for its villas and having a good bit of tourists. Also, Bali has a lot of dogs that like to relax outside of houses. Not every puppy is your puppy.

BONUS: I have an INSANELY LONG list of villas tucked away, and I would love to share them with you! This post is password protected! The password is Seminyak.


I hope this post has helped you and/or inspired you to get out there and travel! See all that the world has to offer! Bali is definitely a beautiful start. If you enjoyed this post or took a look at the villa list, let me know! Leave a comment below!

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¡Besos y Bendiciones!


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