Bali Series | Villa Review + Bonus

When someone mentions Bali, what is the first thing that comes to mind? Is it the beautiful beaches? The luscious rice fields or the amazing culture? The many YouTube videos you have watched from numerous travel bloggers? Of course all of those things stood out to me, but my first thought before going was of the amazing villas and how beautiful they were! I have never seen a place where almost every villa looks magical. I went through so many properties trying to pick the right one for this trip. At one point, I got frustrated and decided to make a list. I broke everything down into a list of needs and wants. I am going to share with you the villa that we chose and what it took to get there. Welcome to Part II of the Bali Series!

Within Seminyak, you will find a long road filled with shops and restaurants called Jalan Raya Seminyak No. 17. Behind this busy street you will find smaller streets lined with beautiful plants and many villas. Gang Keraton No. 36 is where you will find Villa Dua and the other gorgeous properties that make up Villa Nest.



While searching for a villa, my needs were not only things within the villa but the area around it as well. The villa itself had to have the following: be located within Seminyak, must have pickup to and from the airport, daily cleaning, pool, great wi-fi, closed in bedrooms, security, air conditioning, not be near a rice field, a water machine and not be too far from a main street. I also had a list of wants which consisted of: an outdoor shower, possibility of early check-in, not far from the beach, a safe, privacy, breakfast preparations and a female Airbnb host. The one thing I was extremely firm on other than cleaning was the location. I refused to be near a rice field due to mosquitoes.


FeesServices_DiasehsI got everything that I wanted and more with this villa! Now, let’s talk fees and extra services. At the time of booking this villa, the cost was $266.84 USD per night. The service fee was $107.51 USD, and that was paid once. We ended up doing an early check-in and the fee was $133.42 USD which was absolutely fine. Our flight arrived at 8:10 a.m. and I feel that is reasonable since standard check-in wasn’t until 3:00 p.m. She blocked the villa for the night before as well. This brings the grand total to a lovely $1,041.45 USD. There are no hidden fees!


Once we arrived at the airport, the driver was waiting in the lobby once we came from customs and baggage claim. He was holding a sign with my name on it, so it was very easy to find him. He brought the car around to us in the parking area which is right outside. From there, we went straight to the villa. He was extremely friendly. Our host, Awen, met us at the villa. She showed us around and gave us all the information about the villa. I loved her, and she was so sweet. She even brought us coffee desserts the day before we left!

Unfortunately, Awen was feeling a bit ill on the day of our departure, but she did call to wish us off. She also made sure I didn’t forget my passport, which was greatly appreciated. The full staff came to wish us off and helped us get us situated with the driver. We were at the airport in great timing, and we did not have to rush at all. Of course I gave Awen, her staff and the villa experience an amazing rating on Airbnb. If you are interested in this villa or one of the other properties included in Villa Nest, I say go for it! You will not be disappointed.


Let me make your life a bit safer & easier regarding your villa and stay in Bali!

  1. Villas are meant to be private. Most of them have high walls, large doors and are located off of smaller streets. If you’re in a taxi heading back to your villa, your driver may not be familiar with the specific street because they are small alleyways, and exactly as I said…PRIVATE. With that being said, find a popular area within walking distance of your villa. This will help your driver and sometimes get you the cheapest rate! In our case, we chose Bintang Supermarket.
  2. If you have a flight that arrives or departs very early in the morning or very late at night be mindful of location and traffic. The traffic flow in Bali is already bumper to bumper as it is, but once the evening hits…It is insane! Choose a villa closer to the airport if you need to get going quickly. If you have a bit more time to linger around, try to choose a villa with a driver. This way you will not have to track down a taxi while standing with your bags a few hours before your flight. The taxi driver does not care if you are late. Your villa driver will care.
  3. While in Bali, we felt completely safe the entire time, but every city has its own dangers. If you are out alone, especially at night, be mindful of your surroundings while walking back. While the location of your specific villa might be private, the area may be known for its villas and having a good bit of tourists. Also, Bali has a lot of dogs that like to relax outside of houses. Not every puppy is your puppy.

BONUS: I have an INSANELY LONG list of villas tucked away, and I would love to share them with you! This post is password protected! The password is Seminyak.


I hope this post has helped you and/or inspired you to get out there and travel! See all that the world has to offer! Bali is definitely a beautiful start. If you enjoyed this post or took a look at the villa list, let me know! Leave a comment below!

Also, make sure you hit the follow button at the top of the page to stay updated on new posts, giveaways and more! Part III of the Bali Series will be up soon.

¡Besos y Bendiciones!


June | When Consistency is Key


¡Feliz Junio Mis Reinas! This is my month! Have you ever started off the month with a bang, and you just know that THIS month is going to be a prosperous, uplifting and enlightening 30 days? Let me tell you what led to all of these positive feelings…

Work was giving me all types of hell. When I say that, I do not mean work related to blogging but 9 to 5 work. In my case, 9:00 a.m. to midnight. Sunrise beyond sunset work. Three words will explain the entire situation…Private Venue Management.

Ding! That’s it! What did I gain from this you ask?

Fewer headaches, a work schedule that makes sense, a new office and the opportunity to actually see the outside world on the weekend. I AM IN HEAVEN! As the month came to a close, there was one last event that made everything so much… sweeter.

Maluma…Juan Luis Londoño Arias…Pretty Boy…Dirty Boy…I had been waiting for this concert for so long! Amway Center in Orlando was packed, but it was so worth it. Check that one off of the list! Head over to my Instagram for concert videos.


For June, I want to focus on one thing. This one works magic in many areas of my life.


I would like to have more consistency in the following areas of my life: Content creation, travel and saying “yes”. If you know anyone who coordinates events, creates content or does any type of marketing for a living…You know why this is a thing. Creating content is a constant struggle. Anyone with half an imagination can come up with things to talk about or take pictures of. The real struggle is creating/doing things that are original. Doing your own thing with little to no influence. It takes time, and now that I have this glorious schedule…I will have more time for blogging. AMEN!

Travel will always be on my list. Why? Travel is my way to recoup. It helps me clear my mind, gain inspiration and just be free! It doesn’t matter if I travel within my same state or out of the country. I just need new experiences. I am going to OWN my summer!

When you go through large changes, whether they are related to work or your personal life, you may find yourself being a little overwhelmed at first. Who wouldn’t?! When I would get stressed, the first thing I would tend to do is say no to everything. Back in November, all I could do is say yes, and I left no time for myself. As of lately, I wouldn’t want to do anything extra or change my schedule for fear that it would add more stress or throw me off. This past month, I got out of that crazy cycle, and I intend to keep it that way!

Saying yes, in moderation, is a way to invite new and positive experiences into your life. 

What will you focus on this month? Leave a comment below!


6 Valentine’s Day Gifts Your Girl Will Love

Happy Saturday Loves! Welcome to Part II of my Valentine’s Day Gift Series. You know I had to save the best for last, so let’s jump right in!

As I stated in my previous post…

FACT | Valentine’s Day gift shopping is the ultimate mind-blower next to Christmas.

GIFT #1 | Prynt Pocket

This was a little gadget I stumbled upon via YouTube, and I actually had the opportunity to test one out recently. If your lady loves taking pictures, this will be such a game changer! This pocket Prynt-er allows you to make beautiful memories, and the added bonus is that the picture doubles as a video! All you have to do is use the app, and it shows you the video that you included with your photo. All it takes is a quick scan! This is great for a girl’s night out or vacation!


PRICE | $$$

BONUS: For a subscription of $35.00 USD/2 Months, you will receive an unlimited supply of Prynt paper! I also have a promo code for you! Enter the code VBAE at checkout and receive a free item to go with your purchase!


GIFT #2 |  Sì Eau de Parfum from Giorgio Armani

If I could imagine what HEAVEN smells like…It would be this scent!

This has become a personal favorite of mine, and as of right now, I wear it every single day. As I previously stated in my 5 VALENTINE’S DAY GIFTS YOUR GUY WILL LOVE post, I am very picky with scents. It’s a hit or miss…no in between. This fragrance is called Sì for a reason! This parfum is a chypre which means it has a very warm scent with citrus top notes. I would call this “spicy”. The fragrance also includes deep blackcurrant nectar, airy floral notes and musky blond wood. If she likes brown sugar, vanilla, the Twilight Woods or Sensual Black Currant Vanilla line from Bath and Body Works you are good to go!


PRICE | $$ – $$$


GIFT #3 | BarBella Box

Is your lady team #GirlsWhoLift, or does she count her weights in kilos? This might be the box for her! This company provides premium functional fitness apparel that is selected just for women. They send you a subscription box monthly, quarterly or annually. All of the boxes are packed with amazing fitness gear and products that have just the right amount of feminine flare. Can you say cupcake printed booty shorts? Help her show off those #gains with a new BarBella Box!

BRANDS INCLUDED IN PREVIOUS BOXES | Nike, Sandbar, Born Primitive, Wod & Done, Fleo, LifeAid, RokFit, EXO, Kill Cliff, Femme Royale, Quest, Rock Tape, Belle & Bell, Tiger Balm and more!


PRICE | $$ – $$$

BONUS: Receive free shipping on an order of $75 USD or more by using the promo code FREESHIP75 at checkout!


GIFT #4 | Photoshoot

Lights…Camera…ACTION! This will definitely make your girl feel like a SUPERMODEL! Does she love getting dressed up for the camera? Let her show off her style and have memories that will last a lifetime. I can’t guide you directly to the best photographer in your area, but I know who can! The Professional Photographers of America can help! For my International Loves, do not let the title turn you away. You can choose any country you would like. Just type in your location, and the site will do the rest!

Bonus: Want to really make her day? Add a makeup artist to the package! You can find one that you think she will love, or let her pick her favorite. If she’s a mini makeup guru, I am sure she will have one in mind.


PRICE | $$$ – $$$$


GIFT #4 | Away Travel

Up, Up and AWAY! I know that was corny, but it was so appropriate! Does your lady get the frequent case of #wanderlust? Does she love watching travel vlogs? Do you plan on taking a trip together? If so, make her adventures more glam, modern and simple with some new luggage from Away Travel! I have the Carry-On in Sand, and this is my travel baby! Before I say anything else about this piece, let me jump to the most important part…


On top of that amazing bonus, it has a built in charging system, so no more hunting for outlets while she’s waiting at the gate or riding the shuttle to her terminal. This luggage also meets the carry on requirements for majority of the major airlines (All US airlines are covered). They have many options to choose from in other sizes, colors, and you can add a monogrammed tag for $10 USD!


PRICE | $$$


GIFT #6 | Slant Collections

Does your lady love to entertain guests? This could be for holiday parties, girl’s night, viewing parties, small gatherings, etc. If so, go with Slant Collections! They have so many cute and fun drinkwear collections and conversation starters. Their bar bells are perfect for any night of fun and drinks with friends! You can purchase a few items and make it into a cute little gift basket that will make her next get together nothing short of amazing! They even have the site broken down by themes so you will definitely be guided in the right direction.


PRICE | $$ – $$$


PS: If you were paying attention, you will see that the ladies got one more gift idea than the guys. Something special is in the works! I feel #GIVEAWAY fever coming on!

Like these gift ideas? Leave a comment below, and let me know which one is your favorite!


5 Valentine’s Day Gifts Your Guy Will Love

Not everyone is into Valentine’s Day…I get that, but for those that are, let me help you out sis because the big day is just around the corner! #LastMinuteShopper

FACT | Valentine’s Day gift shopping is the ultimate mind-blower next to Christmas.

This is the first of a two part series, so stay tuned!

GIFT #1 | MVMT Watch

If you have Instagram, you know this brand has been popping up everywhere! These watches are super trendy and give that pop of urban flare. All MVMT pieces are designed in L.A. and have a 2 –year guarantee with free world wide shipping. This is definitely style that won’t break the bank.

MVMT_Diasehs (1)

PRICE | $$$


GIFT #2 | The Gainz Box

Is your guy a complete CrossFit/Powerlifting Junkie? Yes? Perfect! Gainz Box sends you a subscription box every month with crazy fitness gear and products to help achieve your fitness goals. Not to mention, they help you look great while doing it. What lifter doesn’t like free protein?

BRANDS INCLUDED IN PREVIOUS BOXES | Caffeine and Kilos, Multiforce, Greater Than Sports, Nike, Kill Cliff, Halo Top, Reebok, WOD Gear, Rock Tape and Doughnuts & Deadlifts and more!


PRICE | $$

All boxes have a $75 value, but Gainz Box charges $32 per month plus $6 shipping!


GIFT #3 | Yves Saint Laurent L’HOMME

This cologne smells amazing! *Plays Panty Droppa by Trey Songz*

I am very picky with scents, especially it comes to buying cologne. It’s a hit or miss…no in between. I immediately fell in love with this one, and the scent is very long lasting. This cologne is very spicy! The top notes are of citron, ozone, aldehydes and ginger. Those layer over the mid notes of white pepper, orris, violet and basil flower. The base notes are base notes are of atlas cedar, vetiver, tonka bean, virginia cedar, and sandalwood. Anytime I see sandalwood, I’m practically sold!

YvesSaint_Diasehs (2) (1)

PRICE | $$ – $$$


GIFT #4 | MLB Tickets

With 30 teams to choose from, if you get your guy tickets to see his favorite MLB team play…YOU ARE SET! Opening Day is Thursday, March 29, 2018. Single-game tickets went on sale Friday, January 26, 2018. If you would like to purchase a ticket during Spring Training, those are on sale and happening right now! GET THEM WHILE YOU CAN!

MLB_Diasehs (5).png

PRICE | $$ – $$$



GIFT #5 | The Xtreme Xperience

Is your guy a speed fanatic? Lover of all things cars or just really loves the Fast and the Furious franchise? You’re in luck! Plus this will be a great story for all of his friends. The Xtreme Xperience has a very broad selection of exotic cars for you to drive or ride along in at extremely high speeds around real race tracks. Head over to their *site* to find a location near you, choose your car, set the date and time, go to the track for a short training class, put on your helmet and get moving! This is definitely the experience of a lifetime!


PRICE | $$$


Like these gift ideas? Leave a comment below, and let me know which one is your favorite!



Motivation Sundae: Confidence + Acknowledging Your Success


“You’re braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think.”

– A.A. Milne

When I saw this quote, it spoke to my spirit. There are many times when we don’t give ourselves enough credit. At times we compare ourselves to other people or compare our successes to the successes of others. I am going to let you in on a little secret:

Not one person got to where they are in life the exact same way as another person. I do not care if they are parent and child, brother and sister or twins. Everyone’s journey is completely different!

With that being said, I am going to present you with a few ways to build confidence while acknowledging your successes.


Disclaimer: I am not asking you to go out into the word and become a complete savage. That’s not the message in this case. Read this with an open mind.

Have you ever had someone mention something about your looks, beliefs, or work ethic, etc. and you know that they are completely wrong in their assumptions because they do not know you? Yet…what they said still bothers you. Take what they have to say with a grain of salt! If you are trying your hardest and you make the effort to continuously better yourself, then that’s is what you continue to do. Do not switch up what you are doing just because someone makes a side comment. Do not think that you are less attractive because of something that a rude person said. You have to build your own foundation to stand on. Own your journey. Own your process. Stay Beautiful!


I am a firm believer in speaking positive affirmations into your life. I spoke about this back in October of last year via Instagram. I will leave the link to that post here. What reintroduced this process to mind was a video that I watched via Hollywood Unlocked. This particular interview featured Meagan Good. At the time, Jason Lee was speaking about DeVon Franklin. The advice that DeVon gave Jason when he was developing a project was, “Figure out what your message is because these words are going to have power.” I was sold, and he was so right. This can also apply to everyday life.

Have you ever been set on doing something in your life or working on something that is close to your heart and an outsider asks you, “Why are you doing this?” Have you always had a legitimate reason to give them? Everyone has had that moment when they just don’t know or their message isn’t exactly clear. Know your message. Know your purpose. Know your platform. There is an abundance of beauty in showing passion for something and knowing exactly what your message/purpose is. Allow yourself to take a step back and think on your message, and once you have that set in your mind, stick with it. You will be confident in sharing your purpose with the world when your foundation is strong.

If you want to watch that Hollywood Unlocked interview click here! The mentioned portion starts at 14:37.


You believe what you speak into yourself. Think about it. Whenever you say, “I feel…”, “I am…”, “I can’t…”, you speak that existence into yourself. Use that in a positive way. This will build your confidence like no other! Build that confidence within yourself using powerful statements.

Example: Did you just finish a major project that pushed your limits? Acknowledge your success and say, “I am hard working, and I am creative.” Believe the words that you are speaking into yourself.

It has been a proven fact that saying these positive words into a mirror helps boost your confidence. Find the biggest and brightest mirror that you have. Speak those positive words into your life. Make this a daily practice. Remember it takes a minimum of 21 days to form a habit. Add this great one into the mix!


Comment below and share with me! What are you working on? What is your statement of purpose? What accomplishment would you like to acknowledge more? Let me know!




Rocksbox Review: December 2017

It’s the beginning of January, and you know what that means! It is time to spill the tea on my Rocksbox from December. This box was important for all of my style needs for the month and for the 24th because it was my BIRTHDAY! What self-respecting fashionista wouldn’t want new jewelry for her special day?

PS: Thank you to everyone who wished me a happy birthday! It really made my day!

With this set, all three items were pulled from my wish list. My stylist for this set was Jamie, and she is the G.O.A.T. (Greatest of All Time)! While opening my package, I realized that all of the pieces were from Perry Street. If you are up to date on all my reviews, you know that Perry Street is my absolute FAVORITE!


If you are not up to date and wondering what a Rocksbox is…Let me bring you up to speed.

Rocksbox is a jewelry service that presents its members with a subscription box every month for a flat rate. The pieces are all designer brands, and come in an array of styles. If  this is your first time hearing about this company or want even more details…

Check out my first Rocksbox review!

Let us continue…



Let me clue you in on some of my expectations for this box:

“The best things in life are unexpected, because there were no expectations.” – Eli Khamarov

Well Eli, that’s all nice and dandy, but I was expecting a Rocksbox, I was expecting it to be amazing, I set my expectations HIGH, and I was not disappointed!

I was in need of some statement pieces with gold accents. One of the main things I wanted was a pop of color, but I didn’t want the pieces to look like they were spring/summer only. All-season jewelry are you out there?

I really wanted something coral or close to it. I have strayed away from wearing a lot of pink in my accessories, but I was feeling a little frilly so why not?

The final and most important was that I needed something that was white. I know that might sound strange, but hear me out. I was hoping for a necklace that had white in it to go with a particular outfit. The outfit is very streetwear appropriate, but it needs a feminine flare.

Here goes! *blows out birthday candles*

I received everything my little heart desired and then some! Let’s dig into this box shall we?

Compare & Contrast

When looking at the pictures on the Rocksbox site versus the actual pieces…The only thing that is a bit off was…ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. I was surprised at the actual quality of the preview photos this time. The photos were true to color, so I received exactly what I expected!

 I opened the box and yelled out

Zayum Zaddy!


After a well-deserved twerking session, I finally pulled the first piece from the box. These were my Perry Street Mallory Statement Drops. Yes, you read it correctly. I said drops!


 If someone were to ask me to describe these earrings without actually seeing them…I would definitely say these are Legally Blonde meets Betsey Johnson, and I feel like that’s fair. These earrings are post backed and have shiny gold plating over the brass pieces. I love that the pink stones are the only bright shade within the piece. The other stones are a medium tone champagne, a blush/wine shade and your oh so classic clear stones. I give this piece two extra points just for the spikes! Sooo…little babies you are a 10!

Perry Street_Mallory_Far

Cop or Drop?

*Grabs loud speaker* Jamie, could you wrap those for me please? Thank you!

Perry Street_Mallory_Close

The Rocksbox Shine Insiders’ price for this pair of earrings is $59 USD

The retail price is $70 USD


Ladies, Gentlemen-Ladies, Pre-Ladies, Post-Ladies, Sistas and Homegirls…Have you ever looked at a necklace and debated how you would wear your hair in that very moment? You did this not realizing that was your make or break on buying that singular piece of jewelry? That was me the very second I opened the luscious black bag that this baby came in.

Perry Street_Colette_Far

My bun will be so huge! My lashes will be done! My nails will be so nice!

*Plays No Limit Remix by G-Eazy ft. A$AP Rocky, Cardi B, French Montana, Juicy J, Belly at 1:49 mark*


This necklace is much more beautiful in person. The picture on the site does not do it justice! When natural light hits the necklace only then you can see all the colors in the iridescent stones. The other beautiful additions to this piece are the white stones and clear crystals.

The chain on the necklace measures out to 16”, and that’s LONG for a statement necklace. However, a little wiggle room never hurt anyone. Just like the previous piece, the necklace has pieces that have gold plating over brass. Now that I think about it…I love it more on the necklace than the previous piece.

R E A S O N: The gold that is over the necklace is not overly shiny. It has a natural and almost vintage flare.

Perry Street_Colette_Close

I can definitely see this being an all-season piece. Now that I have shared this piece and all of its glory, I am sure you are thinking…”Woman how much does it cost?” I’m so glad you asked!

The Rocksbox Shine Insiders’ price for this necklace is $63 USD

The retail price is $75 USD

Cop or Drop?

*Grabs loud speaker* Jamie, we might need a bigger bag!

This is getting serious. I have never been this excited about an entire box before.

Perry Street_Jane_Far

This next one brings me back to a childhood favorite because I have always loved turquoise! These are the Jayne Drops by Perry Street. While this precious pair is not gold plated, the silver plating makes the colors stand out beautifully. The Rocksbox description mentions clear and blue crystal accents. There are green and yellow crystal accents as well. These definitely give me fancy Coachella vibes!

Let’s take a closer look shall we?

Perry Street_Jayne_Close

The Rocksbox Shine Insiders’ price for this pair of earrings is $46 USD

The retail price is $55 USD

Cop or Drop?

*Pulls out megaphone* Jamie! That’s a wrap! Let’s tell them what they’ve won!

Like what you see? Want to have your own set of designer jewelry?

Use this link |

 You can get your first month of Rocksbox for FREE!

If you decide to use the invite, let me know. Like this post or leave a comment below!



January | Goals, Travel & Charlie Puth

January_DiasehsHAPPY JANUARY & HAPPY NEW YEAR! This year went by fast. I know I am not the only one who thought that leading up to the 1st. Like myself, you were probably one of three people this year: the one who was dragging ass through the year, the one who made a list last January and ran through that thing like a 2017 bucket list, or the one who looked up at the last minute realizing it was all over. Please pick a category, and join me on this journey. If you are that one person, (yes…YOU) who wants an “other” category…Here you go…


Yes, I am that extra.

Now, January has arrived *insert cheesy fireworks and bomb theme music*. I can’t count how many times I saw the classic, “New Year, New Me” slogan. Now this is what I need you to do for me…lean closer…closer…a little more…announcing your, “new me” goals to the world does not mean you will accomplish them. I am about to share with you a few ways to achieve your new goals without falling on your face or some other random body part.

The first and most important thing is to not list a goal that seems unattainable. It might make your list look too lit to quit, but if you want to lose 50 pounds, do not list, “Lose 50 Pounds” by itself. The realistic effort that it takes to lose that number of pounds will overwhelm you, and you might get discouraged. List a smaller goal, and place your final goal out to the side.

Example: Lose 15 pounds by summer | Lose 35 pounds by October

That does not look as intimidating, and if you continue to follow it you will achieve your goal!

Check out my MOTIVATION SUNDAE: HOW TO SLAY IN 2018 & ACHIEVE YOUR GOALS post for more tips and tricks.

At the beginning of every year I save for something I really want. It could be something for my cameras, a concert, a specific trip, etc. This year, I really want to go to Bali. If you follow me on Instagram, you know that I have made a post about this.

Things I want to do/see on my trip:

ATV Haunted Valley Waterfall Tour

Flyboarding at Nusa Dua

Visit the Pemuteran Underwater Temple

The Monkey Forest

The Aling Aling Waterfall or the Banyumala Waterfall

Basically I want to do everything I can while I can!

Destination chosen ✅

Decision made ✅

Lastly, if you didn’t know…If you weren’t sure…I love music. At this point in life you probably will not come across many people who don’t, but my passion is a bit different. I can’t function peacefully during the day without it. As of lately my favorite artist has been Charlie Puth. I am talking about songs on repeat, YouTube video playlist so lit and morning dance sessions to How Long. Let me stop rambling. I screamed at my computer when I went to do some exploring on Ticketmaster. I live in Georgia, USA and Charlie Puth is having a concert in Alpharetta, Georgia. This will definitely be one of my things to do for the year.

Focus Points for January

1 | Make a list of 5 to 7 attainable goals

2 | Start saving money for trip to Bali and Charlie Puth concert

3 | Post more frequent content so that you guys don’t strangle me

What will you focus on this month? Leave a comment below!


Motivation Sundae: How to Slay in 2018 & Achieve Your Goals


HAPPY NEW YEAR LOVES! It is officially 2018, and it has been requested for me to do a post about New Year’s Resolutions. I am about to give you the best advice anyone has ever given you.

Are you ready?


It is as plain and simple as that! Before you start making your list, you must know your personal limitations. Do not sit down with a friend to make your list and have a competition to see who can do the most amazing things. This is not a competition people. Think of this as a journey to a better self, because that is exactly what it should be. That is the first step.

The next step is REFLECTION. Think back on 2017, and ask yourself a few questions:

1 | What did I not accomplish this past year?

2 | Why did I not accomplish this goal/ these goals?

3 | How can I make this year better and my goals more attainable?

This gives you a good time to get organized and change some things around. Maybe some of your goals may not have been attainable because they fell under the, “too much too soon” spectrum.

A great example of this was mentioned in my January post JANUARY | GOALS, TRAVEL & CHARLIE PUTH.

The third step on your journey is to put yourself in a position to win! Want to lose weight? Make sure you have a place to workout or a gym membership. Want to save money? Make a realistic budget, write down your savings goals, and stick to them! Make a schedule or timeline for success. Get inspired! Find pictures, look on Pinterest, watch videos, grab a friend!

Do what you need to do to put your plan into action.

It takes a minimum of 21 days to form a new habit. If you start your new habits/routines now, you will be rolling by February. Give yourself that extra push and know that…YOU CAN DO THIS!

Your fourth and final step is to treat yourself! The road to achieving your goals can be very rewarding. It will only be a complete struggle if you make it one. On your journey, celebrate certain points where you feel like you are on the right track and doing well.

Example 1: Losing weight? Lose ______ pounds, and buy a new pair of Nike tights. If you’re losing weight you will definitely need new clothes.

Example 2: Saving for a trip? If you see a killer sale, buy a cute top or dress for those awesome photos that you will take.

Example 3: Working to spice up your relationship? Buy yourself a new perfume/scent. This will make you feel wonderful, and your loved one will definitely notice!

Leave a comment below, and share your New Year’s Resolutions with me! I would love to know what you will be up to this year!


Motivation Sundae: 10 Ways to Relieve Holiday Stress


November has definitely arrived, and it came with physical and emotional holiday baggage. It generally starts with busier work weeks and ends with last-minute holiday shopping.

Today I’m going to give you 10 surefire ways to relieve stress during the holiday season!

1 | Take a hike! I don’t mean that in a harsh way, but literally put on your favorite sneakers and get moving in the morning. Due to the fall weather changes, the weather in the morning is less humid and the atmosphere makes a great start for any busy day.

Motivation: A killer playlist! You can make your own or snag one from Apple Music or Spotify.

2 | Feeling overwhelmed? Find a nice stopping point, kick back and watch a holiday favorite! There’s nothing that helps me more when I’m stressed than getting a good laugh in! All of the Home Alone movies get me in a better mood.

Motivation: Before you start a project, plan a good stopping point. This way you have your break to look forward to!

3 | Don’t be afraid to ask for help. Get the family involved! We all have the tendency to try play superwoman during the holiday season. Having someone help you not only lessens your stress, but it also gives you a chance to bond with those you love.

Motivation: Look on Pinterest and find some cute recipes or decoration DIY’s to do with the family or something that adds a little romance for you and your significant other while still getting things done. Wine tasting while gift wrapping sounds good to me!

4 | Relax with the girls! When engulfed in things to do, you sometimes forget that you’re not the only one who is struggling. Phone some friends or your best friend for a spa date! This will give you a chance to relax and maybe even be each other’s therapist for the day. Nothing makes dishpan hands look better than a fresh manicure.

Motivation: Check out the new holiday colors from Essie and OPI. That will definitely get you in the mood to head to the nail salon!

5 | Honey I’m home! It’s time to get a good cuddle session in. Grab your boo and snuggle up! Hugging, kissing and other physical acts increase oxytocin levels. This reduces blood pressure, stress and anxiety.

Motivation: Send your love a cute/steamy text mid day to prepare them for later activities. This will also let them know that you were thinking about them, and that is a pick me up for anyone!

6 | Light a candle! This might seem so simple, but it really does work. My favorite candle has always been the Mahogany Teakwood candle by White Barn. You can find them at Bath and Body Works. The scent reminds me of cologne, and it’s so soothing! The scent instantly gets me in a good mood.

Motivation: Kill two birds with one stone! Find a scent you love and play it up in your holiday decor this season. You are now more relaxed and have a new decorative twist! Most three wick candles have beautiful containers that match any aesthetic.

7 | Warm it up! For most of us, from birth to adulthood, there is one thing that stays consistent, and that is the love of wrapping up in a blanket! Grab your favorite blanket or comforter and throw it in the dryer just long enough for it to hold and some heat. While it’s in the dryer set up your area of relaxation. Once you pull it out of the dryer, immediately wrap yourself in it. Kick back and relax! Blankets are a sense of security. The warmth will be soothing and help reduce anxiety.

8 | Spend time with your pet! Take a moment to relax with them or take them along for the ride while running a few errands. This will give you some company and get them out of the house for a bit.

Motivation: Grabbing something from Starbucks or Dutch Bros? Take your dog with you! Puppuccinos are a real thing. It’s whipped cream to us and heaven to them.

9 | Everybody clap your hands! I️ know this one may sound a bit strange, but it definitely works! Clapping your hands increases circulation and activates receptors in your hands. This fires up parts of the brain and gets that noodle going!

Motivation: If you don’t want to just stand around clapping, bring in the little ones! Grab your child, cousin, niece or nephew and teach them how to play Patty Cake or Miss Mary Mack. This will be amusing for the both of you and 9 time out of 10 will make you laugh. #winning

10 | Take a hot bath/shower! This one is a must for me and many others. Hot water will ease your mind and also soothe stiff/sore muscles. Grab your favorite bath bomb and soak your stress away.

Motivation: Drop by your local Lush location or visit and load up on all the bath goodies! My favorite bath bombs right now are: Shoot for the Stars and Sex Bomb.

What are your favorite ways to tackle holiday stress? Leave a comment below!

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