Off Day Pamper Routine 2017


I’m free! My busy work weekend is over, and I am exhausted. I’m an Event Coordinator, and I have a crazy work schedule at times so, when I can squeeze in a little self time…I AM ALL FOR IT!

For the past couple of months, I have been experimenting with a few new products and falling in love with some old favorites. This pamper day usually falls on a business day. That is huge for me! I am not disturbed as much because almost everyone I know is at work…Don’t make that face. I love you guys!

Let the pampering begin!

The first part isn’t exactly pampering at all. It’s part of my daily therapy…Coffee! I love having something hot to drink after waking up in the morning. I’m feeling in the fall spirit this morning, so I am going to enjoy some pumpkin spice creamer from Califia Farms. It’s so good! If you haven’t tried it, this is an absolute must have for any fall coffee junkie.

Pumpkin Coffee Creamer_Diasehs

To begin any magical off day, I must watch at least one episode of Sex and the City. The older the episode…the better! Everything Carrie Bradshaw makes my heart sing.

Sex and the City_Diasehs

I can’t start a pamper day without taming this crazy mess on my head! Ok, not so much a mess, but I don’t like going for a certain amount of days without washing my hair.

Can I get an amen? Thank you!


The Breakdown

This is the Manuka Honey & Mafura Oil Intensive Hydration Shampoo and matching conditioner by Shea Moisture. I purchased this set from my local Walgreens.

The conditioner has a soft honey scent. The shampoo smells much more like the oils than the conditioner does. Both products are sulfate free and for dry hair. In my opinion, this is an all around set. They also contain African Rock Fig and Baobab Oil.

Shea Moisture Honey_Diasehs

According to the product description and my own personal research…

Manuka Honey has anti-inflammatory properties, it soothes the scalp and helps create a moisturizing barrier.

Mafura Oil has high levels of hair thickening & strengthening Oleic Acid. It also helps replenish oils that are stripped from the hair during our everyday activities.

The African Rock Fig contains Vitamin C, and this aids in keeping our hair strong and vibrant. This also improves the hair’s elasticity. #winning

Baobab Oil is rich in Omegas 3, 6, 9 and vitamins that repair the hair from root to end. This oil adds extra shine to the hair and protects it from pollution & UV rays.

After shampooing my hair, I will let my conditioner sit on my hair while I slide into the next part of my routine…


Eco Tools Brush_Diasehs

Dry brushing is somewhat new to me. In the past I would use a regular shower brush. The all over kind that you wet, cover in body wash and use to scrub all over. The first time I used this dry brush I was so confused. It hurt! I felt like I had been slapped in the leg, chest, neck, thigh…just everywhere. This is good for overall exfoliation, and it preps my body for the next part of my pamper routine..but beware…scrubbing too hard might make you change your religion. It WILL hurt.


This dry brush is from Eco Tools! You can snag this one at your local Ulta or

Time for some mango love! I will shower regularly, shave, rinse my hair and all that jazz after my dry brushing session. Once my hair is pinned back up and out of the way, it’s time to use my Shea Sugar Scrub by Tree Hut. The scent is Tropical Mango, and this one is my absolute favorite!

Tree Hut Tropical Mango_Diasehs

Tiny Tip: If you add a bit of coconut oil to this body scrub, it will moisturize the skin, add a nice glow to your body and hold the scent much longer! Who doesn’t love smelling like a tropical paradise?

Depending on what I have going on with my hair at this point (natural hair or weave), I generally let it stay in the clip until after my next step.

Time for a much needed face mask! I know my skin probably hates me right now due to all the mess I have been up to the past few weeks, but….that’s why I purchased the I’m Real Cactus Mask Sheet by Tony Moly. I got this particular one from Urban Outfitters when I was in Scottsdale, AZ. No Urban Outfitters? That’s ok! You can pick them up at Ulta, Amazon or the Tony Moly website.

Tony Moly Cactus Mask-Diasehs

This mask is loaded with so much yummy goodness, including prickly pear extract. Keep in mind…I did say MASK SHEET, so expect to look a little crazier than the usual.


After 20 minutes, I peeled the mask off and rinsed my face with warm water, then cold water to seal in all the greatness! I always add Vitamin E cream to my face and lip balm  after doing a mask.

Voilà! Cleansed, hydrated, happy skin!


Time to slay! At this point I will finish drying my hair and style it to my liking. I’m feeling straight hair this go around! After having curls and waves for the past few days, and I need to switch it up.


The final portion of my pamper routine is to change my polish color! This past time I chose a coral pink color, and I am completely bored with that. Today’s choice is a nude shade. I love a nice, natural color sometimes. Strangely enough, the nail polish that I chose came from Old Navy! Before this polish I did not know that they sold nail polish at all. It’s a pale blush/nude polish by Tip Toe, and it is called Ballerina.

Tip Toe Nail Polish_Diasehs


Polished Pretty and Pampered

What are some staple products for your pamper routine? Leave a comment below!








I cherish my relationships…I look forward to telling you my needs and wants. I enjoy knowing that you’re coming my way…Bringing me everything my heart desires. You stand at my door and ask for me by name…This is the relationship that I cherish with my mailman. I am here to say that sadly…this time…the postal service has failed me. Someone lost my box. Sooooo no package on time and no sexy mailman, but after speaking with Erin at Rocksbox, she put her glorious customer service skills to work. With her hard work & some fast shipping…I GOT MY NEW BOX!!

Do you know what that means?

It’s time for another Rocksbox review!

With this set, I was sent two items on my wish list and one that was randomly chosen. My stylist for this set was Cassie, and I love the way she thinks!

Perry Street Rocksbox

But before I get into all the glamorous details…

Rocksbox is a jewelry service that presents its members with a subscription box every month for a flat rate. The pieces are all designer brands, and come in an array of styles. If  this is your first time hearing about this company or want even more details…

Check out my first Rocksbox review!

Let us continue…


Rocksbox Stylist Note Cassie

Let me clue you in on some of my expectations for this box:

  1. I was hoping that since was my replacement box that my pieces would be SUPER BOMB! I had VERY high expectations for this box!
  2. I was in need of some vibrant colors. I mean… It is summer after all, and I had to let my inner island goddess shine through. *Snaps fingers & slings hair*
  3. I did not want anything heavy or super bunched up. That means no chokers, cuff bracelets or huge door knocker earrings. You all know what earrings I’m talking about. The ones that are super cute, but make your ears look like they are going to fall off. Not me. No ma’am! I like standing out, but baby don’t make me look like a walking Pinterest jewelry board!

After receiving my box…ALL OF MY DREAMS CAME TRUE!! I will be keeping two of the three items. Why not all three? I’ll let you know in just a bit…Keep reading.

Compare & Contrast

When looking at the pictures on the Rocksbox site versus the actual pictures…The only thing that is a bit off involves the earrings. This is nothing too major, unless you’re trying to match this exact color to an outfit. The stone in the center of the top portion is a different color. On the site it appears to be a pastel orange. This is not the case. In reality, it is more like a nude color. I wouldn’t necessarily put it in the orange family. Everything else is true to size regarding proportion and color in all three pieces.


When I opened the box, the first piece I pulled out was my Perry Street Elise Statement Necklace. This brand is one of my absolute favorites! They are good for having pieces with borderline iridescent crystals.  The only crystals in this necklace that are truly clear are the tiny ones at the bottom. The large teardrop stones are clear with a bit of a yellow cloud tint. It makes the necklace look very vintage! The chain has a metal has a burnish gold finish, and that in my eyes is an added bonus. The three stones at the bottom of each section of the necklace are a semi opaque white/heather grey. This necklace is so aesthetically pleasing! This piece has a lot of latch space so don’t worry about if it will be too short or not. The row of hooks tops out at a good 11 spaces.

Perry Street Elite

Perry Street Elite Close

The Rocksbox Shine Insiders’ price for this necklace is $63 USD

Perry Street for the WIN!! *Screams like Golden State Warrior’s Fan* Two Perry Street pieces in one box? It must be my lucky day! I am in love with these earrings, and they are something I have been looking for. I needed a pair of dangling earrings that were cute enough to dress up or down, and I needed a pair of statement earrings for an upcoming event. These beautiful babies were one of my granted wishes.

I present to you the Perry Street Ombre Turquoise Statement Earrings.

Perry Street Ombre

Details, Details! If I had to compare these earrings to a movie I would be stuck between Breakfast at Tiffany’s and Interview with a Vampire. Laugh at me if you must, but I have my reasons. B.A.T. for the elegance and they scream socialite. I.W.A.V. because Brad Pitt plays an 18th century lord who is now a vampire, and these earrings SCREAM 18th century fashion! Plus they have dark parts that are so fitting.

Perry Street Ombre Detail

The Rocksbox Shine Insiders’ price for this beautiful pair of earrings is $63 USD

Not a fan of large earrings? Like necklaces even more? You’re in luck! There is a Perry Street necklace that looks like these earrings and the previous necklace had a baby.

Click Me!

Loren Hope…You brought a non alcoholic Tequila Sunrise to my life! This is the Sylvia Necklace in Paradise Red, and it is straight up gorgeous! Only one thing…this necklace is ORANGE not RED, but that is obvious. This necklace is a bit closer to the neckline than the previous, and has about 5 hooks of clasp space. The antique brass finish on this piece makes the stone color pop even more. I give the construction of this necklace a 10 out of 10. Reason? Each individual stone is hooked to the necklace three different ways. I have received so many compliments on this piece that it is unreal. It’s simple yet amazing at the same time. This was also one of my granted wishes!

Loren Hope Tequila Sunrise

The Rocksbox Shine Insiders’ price for this necklace is $216 USD

Loren Hope Tequila Sunrise Close

I’m sure you’re scratching your head thinking, “Why is this piece so much higher than the rest?” Because it’s Loren Hope that’s why! Also, all of the stones are hand painted.

Like what you see? Want to have your own set of designer jewelry?

Use this link |

 You can get your first month of Rocksbox for FREE!

If you decide to use the invite, let me know. Like this post or leave a comment below!



Motivation Sundae: The Introduction


My mission as a Blogger and a Creator is not to just blurt out things that sound interesting, but to do/say things to enrich the lives of others. That’s what this new segment is about. I will be adding a little something sweet to your life on Sunday’s. Let me know what you think! I will giving you tips, tricks and a little push to make things better. Come with me on this journey!

Is there something you would like to see? Request it! Leave me a comment down below or send me an email |


Motivation Sundae: The List | Goals + Dreams


Everyone has a goal that they would like to achieve, and as a people we spend more time constructing, “The List” than actually checking things off of it.

Whether it be a New Year’s resolution or a sudden epiphany, we tend to start off with a goal or dream, and before you know it we have written the entire book on how to achieve it without even making an effort to start the journey. Trust me, we have all been there.

How many times have you kicked yourself for not achieving a goal that you set out to accomplish months ago? I want you really think about it…don’t just stare at the screen. Maybe you wanted to change your eating habits and get into that cute bikini for the summer? Maybe you wanted to start on that big project and possibly get a raise at work?

I’m challenging you to figure out whatever that goal or dream is, and start checking things off of your list. Start your own personal journey right now! Figure out which goal you want to start with. Got it? For every major step towards achieving your goal that is accomplished…Reward yourself. You deserve it! You’re putting forth the effort to make your life or the life of someone else better.

Consistency is key and the drive is within you!


Painless Slay: 6 Ways to Make Heels More Comfortable

Spring Heel Diasehs

Ladies, spring is in full effect, and with a new season comes some new pieces added to your wardrobe. The first thing I go shopping for is shoes! Today, I’m going to give you 6 tips and tricks to make your slay a little less painful.

Keep it Low

It’s so tempting to reach for those sky-high stilettos, but your feet will not be thanking you later. Look for a cute pair of shoes in the kitten heel to 3 inch range. Not liking that idea? Look around town for a great shoe repair shop. Most places can shorten the heel of your shoe without changing the overall style.

Disco Fever

I’m not going to ask you to pull out your big wig and body glitter, but platform height on a pair of heels is super important. High heels in the 4-5 inch range feel much more comfortable with a thicker platform. You still get that sexy height that you are looking for, and the platform helps you find a nice, even balance. Dance the night away!

Watch Your Step!

Many of us learn to walk in heels from various people or scenarios: watching a mom or sister, pageants or the most common “self-taught” strut.

Truth be told, there really is a proper way to walk in heels. Walk heel-to-toe, and be sure to keep good posture. I’m not saying you have to walk with a book on your head, but please carry yourself gracefully.

Bonus: Do you have to climb a lot of stairs in your daily life? No fear! Stair rails are your best friend. Also, be sure to use the ball of your shoe only when going up the steps. This will help prevent the missed step slip and fall.

Give Them a Test Run

How many times have you made the last minute statement, “I need to find some new shoes to wear tonight!” Yes…Yes you. Don’t feel bad because we have all done it… Only to learn that we should have grabbed that favorite pair of killer heels out of the closet. If you’re going for some high heels, never wear them straight out of the box. Break them in some! Wear them around the house and get a good feel for them.

Bonus: Breaking in some pumps? Use an old school trick! Put on a pair of thick socks, and wear your shoes inside for a while. This little space will give you a bit of added comfort for when you wear them out!

Know Your Body

Everyone’s feet are different, and even though shoes have names (I have a favorite pair of heels named Stecy)…they are not made with each specific shopper in mind. If you have a wider foot, shop for a wide fit. Most popular brands have a width option. If you have flat feet, try not to wreak havoc on your arches with anything more than three inches. You will thank me later, I promise.

Walk on Air

Gel inserts are now more shoe specific than they have ever been! If you feel pressure on the ball of your foot while walking or they slide around in your new babies, it might be time to gel it up. The inserts will add comfort to your step and add resistance so that pain will be a minimized or non-existent factor. Dr. Scholl’s has a line of inserts made specifically for heels. Need a pair? Click here!

Remember, fashion is a form of personal expression. Be bold and get out of your comfort zone! Grab that animal print or bright color. Let your shoes speak for you! Leave a comment below, and let me know what your favorite spring shoe/shoe trend is for 2017.

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Naughty Bits: Will They Be Good In Bed?

This question has crossed the mind of every sexually active person…”I wonder if they are good in bed”…”I wonder if he/she can do   insert naughty sexual favor  well.” Of course you can’t judge how a person is in bed at first glance, and hopefully you’re not reading this in attempt to figure out your new Tinder boo after 30 minutes of texting.

Let’s start off with pre-sex judgement.

Think about the last time you were really into someone. Before you knew how they were in the sack…What did you think about their skills in the bedroom? Good? Bad? or … “We aren’t going to make it that far.”

Hopefully the answer is good, and if so….What made you think they were good in bed? I know my personal beliefs (which I will share later), but I wanted to know the thoughts of a few others…and if you ask…you generally shall receive.

Sexy Sheets

I asked the wonderful people of social media an initial question…

“Do you prejudge your partner’s skills before sex?”

I got some interesting answers…and some a little kinkier than expected.

♀ | 1Definitely.

Self: Do you keep your expectations high or low, and why?

♀ | 1: Depends all on the vibe from the person. I can typically judge beforehand whether or not that mental/emotional connection will be there.

♀ | 2: Uummmm, well …….Yeah & No. Yeah cause I don’t like sexual surprises a.k.a I’d rather NOT be disappointed, but I’m pretty open to having to teach lmao!

♀ | 3: Yup lmao!

Self: Do you go in with low or high expectations?

♀ | 3: Depends on how buddy look and dress.

♂ | 1: You never know how good anyone is in the sack until you get there…People you think are shy normally could turn into freaks in the bed. People you think are outgoing could have sex like a fish on land. It’s a guessing game to be honest. I’ve had a wide range.

♀ | 4: I guess it really depends on the person.

Self: What would make you think a person is good in bed?

♀ | 4: Confidence.. But not too much. Cockiness to me is a sign of bad sex.

♀ | 5: No, prejudging often causes you to set yourself up for disappointment.

Self:  If the person is bad in bed is that a deal breaker for you?

♀ | 5: Depends because some people are teachable while others are simply just a no go. Sex is more than just laying in bed with someone, it’s more passionate than anything. You have to connect on a sexual level mentally and physically.

♂ | 2: Hell naw. Cuz every girl is different and you would be surprised and who got it and who don’t.

Self: What’s a deal breaker for you?

♂ | 2: Well I’m not big on standards personally. Petty, bad breath, and ugly feet are absolute no’s.

♂ | 3: Yep lol

Self: What makes you think a person would be good in bed? Signs?

| 3: Confidence, the way she kisses, the details she gives in a dirty text message…Lol

♀ | 6: I always expect them to be mediocre. However I’ve got credentials and references for my skills, so I don’t care if they judge before experiencing or not. Matter of time before they see the truth.

| 4: It might cross my mind, especially if the girl is really hot, but if she tells me she likes 50 Shades, or she likes some other kinky $&%* that’s a big NO for me. I’m not into that. I always judge the outwardly kinky ones as big teasers before I think they are good in bed.

Self: What is the weirdest thing a girl has ever told you she was into?

| 4: Last year I had a chick tell me that she liked to put spray whip in her cooch before oral.

Disclaimer: LADIES!! Don’t ever…EVER… E V E R  put any sugar/food based item near your NAUGHTY BITS! A balanced diet and lots of water will do your body just fine!

My answer ♀ |  Just like the majority of people, I will think about how the person I am into is in bed. Now let me be clear on something. THAT IS NOT MY INITIAL THOUGHT. If a person is interested in me for just sex and vice versa that’s a complete no go. I have to have an emotional connection with a person point blank. Now my thought process goes in a particular order…Sexual History is always first. I am not trying to catch anything! Second is Sexual Style…Are they romantic in bed? Are they lazy? Are they kinky?  Next are Limitations…I am not into the Dom and Sub 50 Shades Style sex. If you come at me with a riding crop and some rope two things will happen. I will either never speak to you again or we will fight! Lastly, my most frequent thought will be about Frequency. Are they a very sexual person that likes to have sex ALL OF THE TIME or are they rainy day love makers. These are questions that need answers people!

So now it’s your turn to figure it out! Grab your partner…Get out there, and get naked!…Just not in public because I don’t want anyone arrested.

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Review | Smashbox Studio Skin Foundation

Diasehs Smashbox Studio Skin

Ladies, Gentlemen & Unicorns…I have stumbled upon another amazing product!

The Backstory | As a WOC (Woman of Color), I struggle with finding the correct shade of foundation. It has nothing to do with my color matching skills or the product price point. I have an orange/warm undertone. That leaves me with a dilemma most of the time. It is generally one of two things…My skin will look like I have on funeral home makeup, or I will look three shades darker for no reason. Nothing against having a tan but I need my face and neck to match so that I don’t look like a cakepop! I have been playing around with this new foundation for a month or so just to make sure I really like it…This one is A1!


The Product | I PURCHASED this foundation from my local Ulta for $42.00 USD (excluding tax). I know some of you are saying…$42…I’m not spending that much on foundation blah, blah…etc. It is WORTH IT! I chose the shade 4.05, and that was an exact match for me.

Smashbox Studio Skin Shades

This product is available in 22 shades and has a very thin consistency. At first I was a bit thrown off. When you initially apply this product… it looks very dewy. After that, it settles into a natural/matte finish. Work quickly because it settles fast! This foundation passed the Beauty Blender Test! Most thin foundations get soaked into your beauty blender (Wet or Not). This one blended evenly and kept a nice finish all day. I don’t find myself looking oily throughout the day or worrying about looking like I just went for a run.

PS: You can layer this product for a medium to full coverage look. Let the previous layer settle before adding another one to prevent creasing.

The Rating |  ⋆ ⋆ ⋆ ⋆

Reason? Color, Finish, Longevity, Packaging & Cruelty Free!

I can’t give it 5 stars because no product is PERFECT, but for my skin…it’s pretty close!

Bonus | First time shopping on the Smashbox official site? Use this code ‘SBX15A’ for 15% off of your first order! This offer expires January 1, 2017.

Diasehs Smashbox Studio Skin


Rocksbox Jewelry Giveaway!



Hello loves! It’s time for a GIVEAWAY!! I just wanted to thank you all for supporting me. I will be presenting one lovely participant with a beautiful piece of jewelry from Rocksbox! The last day to participate is Friday,November 18, 2016 at 11:59 PM (ET). You must be 18 years or older to participate. There is NO PURCHASE NECESSARY to participate in this giveaway. The winner will be chosen at random, and the video announcing the winner will be released Monday, November 20, 2016 at 8:00 PM (ET). The video will be posted to, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. This giveaway is open to all U.S. and International residents.

| To Enter |

1. Subscribe to!

2. Share this post! The more times you share the better chance you will have.

3. Leave a comment below and tell me your favorite type of jewelry: necklaces, earrings or rings.

4. Participate in the #SheSaidCampaign | Fill in the blank using the statement, “My _____________ is/are beautiful. #SheSaidCampaign” This can be anything that makes you feel beautiful. (eyes, smile, curves, strength, intellect, ANYTHING). Post this via social media and tag me, or leave a comment below!

Best of luck to each of you!

                                                                                                                                 XOXO, Logo Font Jennifer Lynne Bold


Artist Spotlight: Masu McLemore

Love for your craft is one thing, but the level of dedication adds an entirely new meaning to the word…arrist-titleMasu, you are a self-taught artist with beautiful visions, and you have a lot to show for it.  Was there inspiration for you to start painting such as family or another artist…or was it just a hobby that grew into a passion?
My father is an artist, my grandma is an artist, my grandfather is a movie director and the list continues. I was born into a family of artists in many different forms, and I just happened to choose the fine art path.
I originally wanted to be a singer/songwriter, and I’d draw to relieve stress. I ended up getting really good at drawing and enjoyed it more so I stopped writing, but I’m also a great writer. It’s a hidden talent that I only really share with loved ones.

What was the most difficult thing for you starting out as an artist?
Finding my style was the most difficult thing for me. It’s hard trying to put all your thoughts onto paper and/or a canvas.

I have noticed that a lot of your pieces have a musical aspect to them. Why these specific artists, and which piece is your favorite thus far?
I pick artists based off of what I like and not what everyone else likes. I don’t really listen to many of today’s new artists because their music lacks substance to me. So I pick artists that have moved me in some way and have gotten me out of a funk at some point in my life. My favorite piece is my To Pimp a Butterfly painting (Shown bottom right) Blavity  officially has it in their art gallery, but I hold it near and dear to my heart.
It’s also the first painting where I introduced my signature monarch butterfly.

You attended Otis College of Art and Design and the School of Visual Arts. What made you choose a different route, and do you think that this change was for the better?
I left Otis specifically because I was no longer happy there, and I was no longer happy in LA. Going to SVA gave me a lot of clarity, and it actually pushed me to work harder. It was a difficult time, but it did in fact change me into the artist I am today.
masu quote.jpg

How do you feel about everything that is going on in the world today? You have a Black Lives Matter inspired painting that I love. Tell me about it.
Black Lives Matter Painting ArtbySu
All the violence going on isn’t something I really like to speak on. Gun violence has taken away a lot of my family members and friends so I decided to let my art speak for itself. It really just symbolizes pain and hurt. The butterfly is something precious and delicate and a gun is exactly what it is a weapon of mass destruction. In this piece the butterfly is me that’s why the piece is called When You Murdered Them, a Part of Me DIED Too.  Every black and brown person killed I feel the pain, I feel the hurt, like them I feel.

ink title.jpg
You have a full sleeve that includes part of an Audrey Kawasaki painting, Forever Still. It’s beautiful! What inspired this?
I have multiple tattoos, which is a bit crazy to me at times. My sleeve is inspired by my life, it represents me specifically. All of my ink has to do with something that happened in my life. I love flowers, sunflowers and roses specifically; elephants are my favorite animal and I respect Buddhism and their worship towards Ganesha, and Audrey Kawasaki is one of my favorite artists. All that tied with henna like designs is how my sleeve came about. I also have a hummingbird on my neck, writing on my right wrist, a rose on my right hand, a Michelangelo quote and piece on my right forearm, roses on my right wrist, and angel wings on the back of my neck which all symbolize something, but I’d be talking forever if I explained each one.

creative mind.jpgDescribe your dream art studio…
My dream art studio consists of floor to ceiling windows, all white, wooden floors, and high ceilings. I want nothing but greenery on the outside, something like my own forest that I can stare at as I paint and the breeze hits my face. I want to be able to watch the bees, the butterflies, and the birds sing. I want a white crocheted hammock where I can rest and read on my down time and an upstairs loft where my bed and other essentials will be. Lots of crystals, dream catchers, and candles will surround my space keeping all the negative energy away from me and my art. Also, no shoes will be worn in my space. No outsiders will be allowed in my space unless something special is taking place. It’ll be like my secret sanctuary.

What is your next move? Any current/upcoming projects that you can speak on?
I have a lot of moves that I can’t speak of currently, but I can say look out for a solo art show coming this December.

masu pink.jpg
Masu, you are an amazing artist with such a beautiful spirit. Thank you for taking the time to share pieces of your journey. Congratulations on all your accomplishments, and best wishes on all your future projects!


Disclaimer: Images displayed on this post are the property of their respective photographers, brands, production companies and distributors. claims no credit for any images posted on this site unless otherwise noted.

Resort 2017

What is a

This year, from May 30th to June 10th, designers are presenting beautiful pieces that fall into the category of “Resort Collections”. These collections have also been called “Pre-Collections” or “Cruise Collections”, and the shows are held in New York every year.

 The addition of these collections started when designers started making pieces for their clients who would jet-set or cruise in the warmer months. The presentation of these collections benefits designers by helping them see what grabs the attention of buyers. When designers create pieces for the upcoming season, you may see aspects of their previous Resort Collection in the new designs.


We are going to compare Rachel Zoe’s Resort 2015 Collection (top) with her Spring 2015 Ready-to-Wear Collection (bottom).

Rachel Zoe Resort 2015 DressRachel Zoe Resort 2015 JS Rachel_Zoe_007_1366 Spring 2015 DressRachel Zoe Spring JS

These styles are very similar, and all four outfits include tricolor tweed with fringe detailing. With just a few changes and additions in the tailoring, she created different looks that are both chic and wearable!


This tunic dress is by designer Josie Natori. The colorful brush stroke pattern is definitely one of my favorite aspects. With the fabric being semi-sheer, it’s breathable, and can take you from day to night with ease! The accessories paired add an edgy contrast. This year, Josie Natori is celebrating her 40th year in business, and with that many years in the industry, she definitely knows a thing or two about style!


I am in love with this floral dress designed by Rachel Zoe! The fabric loops together in the front to create a soft empire waist, and this creates a flattering shape that is ultra feminine. This is a design trend that Rachel Zoe is known for. The mint in the floral detailing and the chiffon fabric soften up the darkness in the dress to create the perfect look.

Bonus: This dress is perfect for all shapes and sizes. The bust area is spacious enough for a larger chest, and is not super low cut. If you have a smaller chest, the rope detail will play up that area! If are trying to conceal your midsection, the waist starts a bit high (flowly material is your friend). If you are a bit more narrow, the empire waist creates shape for that extra curve you are looking for!


This tan, cable knit sweater dress is also by Rachel Zoe! You can definitely put this piece in the Boho catergory. It is slightly see through, and with the fringe detailing at the bottom, this makes for a sexy, yet comfy piece that would make a great addition to anyone’s closet. Pieces like this are the golden ticket for those of you who at least once a week scream…

“I don’t know what to wear!” or “I’m going to be late!”

You can just grab this one and go.

Bonus: The nude coloring, vertical cable knit design and fringe paired together will elongate the body for a very slimming, yet lengthening effect. Who would pass up a dress that makes your legs look amazing? Fringe with benefits!


While the designer, Sally LaPointe, may not be so colorful (She normally wears all black)…This sleeveless, knit turtleneck definitely makes a bright and bold statement. This citron green was the pop of color in her Resort 2017 collection. In addition to this burst of color, the high neckline really caught my attention. Also, let’s not forget to mention the deep side cut outs that give a little sultry exposure.

Bonus: A piece like this can easily be pushed into the many different categories. Switch it up! Dress it up with heels and a statement clutch or down with distressed skinny jeans and oversized glasses. Are you up for the challenge? If styled correctly, this piece could definitely get you featured in the Street Style section of


This technical day trench by Protagonist is a versatile must have! The sunburst orange color can take you from season to season. The interesting thing about this coat is that is has no buttons, and that can benefit many body types. Women with a larger bust do not have to worry about buttons struggling to stay together, and women with a slimmer frame gain curve due to the belted waist (Sneak Peak). For those who are trying to shy away from their curves, this coat draws attention toward the face with the oversized notch lapels and tailored cuts.


Jonathan Simkhai has really outdone himself with his jumpsuit, and while this is one of many lace pieces in his collection, it is most definitely my favorite. The detailing in the top portion was inspired by the glass ceilings of the Grand Palais in Paris, France and the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II in Milano, Italy. This jumpsuit definitely falls into the evening wear category, and would make an amazing wedding reception outfit.The flared pant hugs the hips to add shape, and with a train this long, it elongates the leg. You will not need a lot of jewelry (if any at all) with this outfit due to the intricate designs.

Bonus: Simkhai was one of the three recipients of the 2015 CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund. He was awarded $300,000 to invest in his label! This award comes with an additional yearlong mentorship with an industry veteran to help the recipients with their businesses. Talk about #Winning!

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