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When is the last time you stood in the mirror and said to yourself…


It could have been this morning… or you might still be trying to come up with an answer. If you’re still thinking, then it has been too long. Taking care of your body is a way of loving your body. There is no shortcut to an amazing physique. You have to put in hard work to get great results.

Sometimes you might need a little extra…Inspiration.

When you are looking for a personal trainer, you want someone who can deliver that extra push and guide you in the right direction.

I would like to introduce you to Atlanta’s own Malcolm Wilson. Training since June 2012, Malcolm holds a Bachelor of Science in Biology, a ISSA Master of Fitness Sciences Certification, and he is a former Newberry College (Newberry, SC) football player. IMG_0882.PNG


q and a

What made you interested in personal training? 

“I have been into fitness since I was 13 years old. To keep me out of trouble, my uncle would take me to the gym and train me. Next, I began playing football, and this kept me around fitness. I wanted to be the best athlete that I possibly could, so I knew I had to take my workouts to another level. I began training with an athletic trainer, and he trained me from high school all the way through college. I would perfect every mechanic of training that I was taught; on how to become bigger, faster, stronger, more explosive, and I would teach them to my teammates in high school and in college. It was in sharing what I had been taught through the intense experience of working out with my trainer that I found an interest in training others. It was because he helped to push me to the height of my athletic ability, that he impacted my life. I wanted to share my passion, and help others to reach their true fitness potential in the same way. Inside of every repetition, every set, every exercise, every drill, and every workout was a challenge, and I loved every second of overcoming each one. From there, my family, friends, and random people would always ask to workout with me or ask for some kind of workout advice. As I took on clients with non-athletic fitness goals, I had to learn the difference between personal training and athletic training. In order to perfect my craft doing both, I earned my personal training certification . It was the mentality that my trainer instilled in me that gave me the greatest feeling in the world. It was the crazy workouts that taught me the things I needed to know, and it was the combination of the two that changed my life and made me want to share my training with the world.”


 What has fitness done for you? 

I have been working out since the age of 13, so fitness has always been apart of my life. It has molded me, both physically and mentally. Physically, fitness has made my muscles bigger, my body stronger, and my legs faster. I love my physique and how I can perform physically, but it is what fitness has done to my mind that I love the most. Mentally, fitness has sharpened my mind to take on and handle anything.

What are your future goals? 

I have three future goals that I am currently working towards. There are alot of trainers in the city of Atlanta, and I want to be best….I want to change the profession of fitness and change as many peoples lives as I can in the process.

To set my services apart from everyone else, I have began developing a new training system that will deliver a more effective workout for my clients. Next, I want to take my new training system and open my own gym/training facility and continue to spread my training throughout the city.

Lastly, I recently got into fitness modeling, it was a great experience and I would like to do more of it.

iphone.jpgMost memorable moment? (Training a Client or Personal Moment)  

This came from my first training job, and I was working for LA Fitness at the time. I began to constantly film my workouts and post them to Instagram and Facebook. I would always come up with the wildest but fun workout ideas in order to show my athletic ability on my posts. After a few months of this, an Adidas representative from Germany reached  out to me on Instagram and invited me to New York to do a photo shoot modeling their new line of training gear for the upcoming seasons. It was because they loved my posts that they wanted me to put my talent on film in their new gear. Going to New York and modeling for Adidas was the most fun thing I have ever done, mainly because I literally got to workout in front of a camera for 10 hours. I loved every second of the process because working out took me to a place that I had never been to do something that I had never done before, it just shows that hard work really does pay off.

3  “Not So Commom” Nutrition Tips

1. Consume essential fats in order to burn body fat
There are two types of fat, essential fat (good fat) and saturted fat (bad fat). A lot of people would think that in order to lose fat they will need to remove it from their diet. However, eating this macronutrient can actually help you to metabolize and burn more fat. With this being said, everyone needs a healthy balance of the three macronutrients; protein, fats, and carbs in their diet.  It is best to meet your protein needs first and then adjust your fat and carbohydrate intake accordingly.  Eating more protein and essential fat means eating less carbohydrates.  This will reduce your overall insulin (fat cell creator and storer) levels. Lower insulin levels allow your body to use fat cells for energy and fuel your muscles during your workout instead of storing them in your body.

2. Avoid eating “white foods”
White foods refer to processed and/or refined foods such as white flour, white rice, white sugar, white bread, pasta, crackers, and cereal. This excludes foods such as onions, cauliflower, and white beans; this is because these are natural foods and they rich in vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and phytonutrients.  On the other end of the spectrum, processed ”white foods” have been stripped of their nutritional value and have almost no health benefits.  While these foods may taste good, they are not satisfying to the body and therefore leave you over fed and undernourished. This means you will be hungry because your body is craving the nutrients it is not receiving, this usually leads to over eating and eventual weight gain. So be sure to stay away from processed foods and instead eat more whole and natural foods to deliver much needed nutrients to your cells.

3. Cook with more herbs and spices instead of cooking with salts
We get an overwhelming amount of sodium in our diets. Too much sodium causes water retention, higher blood pressure, and can lead to athlersclorosis (hard arteries). In order to aviod this, it is best to cook with more herbs and spices instead. This is because herbs and spices provide healthy antioxidants, boost the metabolism, detox the body, and aide in weight loss. Cooking with too much salt and consuming it for too long without exercise wil increase blood pressure and lead to heart disease. Herbs and spices such as: garlic powder, ginseng, mint leaves, curry, cumin, basil, allspice, caynne pepper, cinnamon, nutmeg or ginger to name a few while having health benefits can also replace the taste of salt.  Cooking with herbs and spices can help with weight loss.


1 Common Weight Loss Misconception

Once I begin training people, it is often that I hear my clients say that they didn’t eat anything during the day because they are trying to “lose weight”. This has to be one of the biggest misconceptions when it comes to weight loss today for two reasons. First because our body has its own survival mechanism for periods of low caloric intake When you don’t eat food your body has to work and survive with little to no calories. In response to this our bodies go into “famine” or survival mode and the body will slow its metabolism (the rate at which your body burns calories at rest) down in order to hold onto any incoming calories in order to protect itself. Instead of starving ourselves, it is better to eat several properly portioned meals a day within two to three hours of one another in order to keep our bodies out of survival mode.  This will also boost our metabolism and burn calories that will be used for energy. Once you train your body to eat this way,  your body will be able to produce and utilize more energy for all daily activities. Second, we have to understand that calories are a measurement for the amount of energy that is inside anything we eat/and or drink. So it is important to fuel our bodies with proper nutrition in order for us to have energy to carry out our everyday functions. Eating more regularly is how we will properly lose weight, not by starving our body.

training rates

One on One Training Rates:
$35/hr session
$25/30 minute session
1 Hour Packages:
12 sessions $420/mo
8 sessions $280/mo
5 sessions $175/mo

30 Minute Packages:
12 sessions $300/mo
8 sessions $200/mo
5 sessions $125/mo

This includes a goal consultation, a fitness assessment/measurements, one on one attention, tailored workouts, workout adjustments, a nutrition plan, and my full support as your trainer.

group training$20/hr session per person (atleast 3, no more than 8 people)
$10/30 minute session per person (at least 3, no more than 8 people)

This includes bootcamp styled fitness workouts that are designed to incinerate fat, and build a better body.
You know we have to give you guys something to try! Here is an indoor calisthenic (bodyweight) workout that can performed anywhere!
Let us know what you think! Hit us up on Instagram, tag us or use a the hashtag …diasehs


Consult a physician before performing this or any exercise program. It is your responsibility to evaluate your own medical and physical condition, or that of your clients, and to independently determine whether to perform, use or adapt any of the information or content in this post. Any exercise program may result in injury. By voluntarily undertaking any exercise displayed on this web site, you assume the risk of any resulting injury. Thank you.

Yes…the disclaimer is necessary.


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Social Media/Contact:
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Email | Phone (803)807-1794

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What’s the Skinny?

After a bit of observation, I have come to a conclusion. These days many people plan for holiday food more than the actual holiday. It’s all fun and games until that last piece of pie. Then reality strikes!

Let us not fall victim to the cliché holiday timeline…

At the beginning of the holidays, you indulged in all the great food & drinks…later on in the season you might be a bit angry with yourself due to your diet…and when New Years rolls around…your resolutions list might look something like this…


Holiday pounds are a real thing! Here are 3 ways to help you shed those pounds, and add a little spice to your fitness routine!

1 | Drink enough water

I can not stress this enough! Water makes up over half of your body. If you don’t drink enough water right now, this should be your jump start. For those of you that don’t like regular water…

Spice it UP! Fruit-infused water

This is what many call “detox” water, and that it is! Adding luscious fruits and herbs to your water detoxifies your system, helps with weight loss, and reduces post workout fatigue.

Detox Water Flat Lay

Bonus: It makes your hair and skin look amazing!

Some popular detox water combinations are:

Lemon & Mint

Mango & Ginger

Tangerine & Strawberry

Cucumber & Lemon

2 | Write out a goals list

There really has to be a “method” to your madness. When writing down goals, most people make the mistake of striving for semi-unattainable goals. The belief with that method is that it will “push you”, and make you work harder….WRONG. Do not say you want to place in a runners marathon in 2 weeks if you can barely make it through a mile jog. Write down goals you know are within reach, then work your way to a larger one. This way you will be excited that you achieved your goal, and it will give you that necessary boost going into the next one!

Spice it UP! Reward yourself

After you reach a goal reward yourself. Now don’t get carried away, and fall off of the wagon. I don’t necessarily mean with food either. Buy a new workout top or a pair of cute leggings. New clothes for you and motivation to workout. It’s 2 for 1, and you can’t beat that!

UA tights

These Under Armour leggings are up next on my list!

 Price: $44.99 USD | Like them? Click the logo!


3 | Grab a friend!

There is nothing better that having an outside support system in any goal you want to achieve! A good friend of mine/former roommate is a lover of fitness. We made a habit out of going to the gym together, and she started a training series by Ashley Horner called Pipehitter. I wanted to know what all the hype was about, so I tried it with her…..

I loved it! I would recommend this workout to anyone who is in fairly good shape & likes to lift. It’s intense! Be sure to stretch before and after…you will thank me later.

Spice it UP! Indoor rock climbing

Your workout might be getting a little boring, and this is the time when you might need to step outside the box. Rock climbing is a great full body workout, and it gives you the opportunity to challenge yourself. Not all the climbing courses are the same, so if you’re not that experienced there is no need to worry. Plus, if you go with a friend you can push each other to keep climbing. Race you to the top!

word on the street

I asked some fit fanatics…

What’s your favorite part of working out & your favorite type of workout?

They said…

“It’s an escape, and my favorite workout is Olympic lifting.” – Jennypher | @jennypher.rossi (Alaska)

“My favorite part of working out is the end of it. Not because it’s over, but because I feel a great feeling of accomplishment. I don’t have a personal favorite, but most arm workouts I enjoy.”- Sarah (Illinois)

“Favorite part of working out is feeling the change in mental and physical health. Favorite workout is anything on legs and butt.” –Alexis | @lex_frombliss (Georgia)

“I love when I am on my last set in a workout, that means I’m almost done! My favorite workouts are running & core exercises.” – Ashley (Ohio)

“Favorite part of working out is the pump and the progress. My favorite workout is deadlifts.”- DQ (Georgia)

“Favorite part of working out is the blood rush to the muscles being worked. It lets me know that I’m working. My favorite workout is leg press.” – Sasha | @sdot_beautiful1 (Georgia)

“The feeling of accomplishment and that adrenaline to complete each set. My favorite workouts are bike, and treadmill with weights.”- Dezsarae (Arizona)

“The fact that for that one hour I am working out it’s all about me and being In tune with my body. My favorite is a powerful squat for the glutes!” – Aroosha | @arooshanekonam (Scotland)

“Favorite part is after I finish. I know I’m going to see results and knowing that I pushed myself to finish the workout. Favorite workouts are soccer workout. Usually shuttle runs.”- Zoe | @zswift_33 (Kentucky)


Thank you to all that participated in my survey! Alright everyone, get out there and get moving!



Wanderlust: Events, Places & Culture

Travel is something everyone experiences in life. Whether it be moving to a new town or going on an adventure.

For those of you that love to travel, you may be familiar with the word WANDERLUST. For those of you that are not…

Wanderlust is a feeling. It is a strong desire to travel and explore the world.

There have been a few places & events that I have been wanting to see. I figured….Why not share with you?

Lets take a trip

The Color Run

This fun & colorful 5k run is currently the single LARGEST event series in the WORLD! The Color Run events are held in 50+ countries. If you’re not big on running, that is perfectly ok. This event is about having a great time! The best part is that this race has no time limit!

How does the race work? 

Ticket prices are broken up into two categories: Team Runners & Individual Runners.

Prices for Team Runners are as low as $35.00/person and can reach almost $60.00/person.

Prices for Individual Runners are as low as $39.50/person and can reach almost $60.00/person.

The sooner the purchase | The cheaper the ticket!

Participants start the race in a white shirt (Please do not show up in any other color). This is obvious because the colors will show up much better this way!

At each kilometer, participants are doused in crazy & vivid colors that can range from hot pink to aqua blue.

Once you are finished with the race…it’s not over! The Color Run hosts a Finish Festival. This is a huge party that includes music, dancing, food & color throws (You get one color throw of your own at the beginning of the race, and additional color throws can be purchased at the festival).

The Color Run is all about:

  • Healthiness: Promotion of a healthier lifestyle.
  • Happiness: This race is known as the “Happiest 5k on the Planet“.
  • Individuality: Everyone is welcome, & everyone runs for their own reasons.
  • Giving back: Millions of profits gained from Color Run events have been donated to charities (HandsOn Jacksonville, Boys and Girls Club of Atlantic City, Maui United Way & the Cool Kids Campaign are just to name a few!)

To check out their site & possibly register to participate in a Color Run event CLICK HERE! >>>> SHINE TOUR 2015!

Coachella: The Coachella Valley Music & Arts Annual Festival

This festival is so massive that it is broken up into TWO WEEKENDS! Coachella is held at Inland Empire’s Coachella Valley in the Colorado Desert. This event is in April, and the lineups are identical, so if you miss the first weekend…just go to the second one. You really can’t lose!

Not just one genre of music is showcased at this festival. They have branched out to cover  rock, indie, hip hop, and electronic dance music! Some of the artists that performed at this years festival are: The Weeknd,Tyler the Creator, Azealia Banks, Drake and David Guetta.

When you enter Coachella, the set times for performances are posted everywhere, but if you forget a time just check the site. On the official site you can build your own schedule as well!

Art will be everywhere, and you can not miss most of the pieces because some of them are just….HUGE!


Lightweaver by STEREO-BOT (Coachella 2014)

Escape Velocity by POETIC KINETICS (Coachella 2014)


Pulp Pavilion by BALL-NOGUES STUDIO (Coachella 2015)

Are you an artist that is interested in showcasing your large scale artwork at Coachella? Email low resolution images of your past work & your proposal to INFO@COACHELLA.COM.

Now, let’s get back to business!

To get to Coachella, you can either drive (if you are going with friends, carpooling is best) or you can ride the shuttle. Tickets can be purchased alone or you can purchase your Coachella ticket and shuttle ticket in a bundle package. CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFO! >>>> Valley Music Travel

I did mention that Coachella is in the desert right? Well just in case I didn’t (I did), IT’S IN THE HOT…SCORCHING…DESERT! There I think I got my point across. Please stay hydrated. Wear clothes that are light and airy…don’t go almost naked though…unless you are into that kind of thing. The weather at night is a completely different case! Bring a few layers with you because it could get a bit cool.

Coachella does have a long list of restricted items! Please make sure you look over this before you start packing your bags. Some of these restricted items are: drugs of any kind (This includes medical marijuana.), recorders, chains, flags, pets (Leave little scruffy at home!), professional cameras, sharpies/markers, hula hoops ( Don’t look at me crazy…I don’t know why either!), selfie sticks, fireworks, umbrellas, tents, laser pointers, outside food/drinks, etc. For the rest of the list CLICK HERE! >>>> Festival Info!

There will be vendors everywhere selling food, clothes and all kinds of things! As of 2015, credit cards are accepted, but if you feel the need to carry cash…there are ATM machines available. There are also cell phone charging stations for those that bring them, and DAY parking is free!

Venue gates open at 11:00 AM each day and the last set generally ends around 12:30/1:00 AM.

Check out the official Coachella site for more information! CLICK HERE! >>>> The Coachella Valley Music & Arts Annual Festival

Rio Carnival

This week long event is held in February every year, and is known for its explosive showcase of culture! There will be a massive parade, beautiful costumes, food, music and all of Rio to see!

Rio Carnival is generally broken up into many parts, but there are two types that are a “Must See“: Street Parties & The Parade!

Street Parties are literally the parties that just don’t stop. They occur every day… all day…for 1394413485-block-party-and-street-carnival-in-porto-alegre_4145152the entire week practically. There will be dancing, food and live music! The individuals who organize these street parties are called Blocos. This is the time to enjoy the city, and all that it has to offer. Just make sure you wear comfortable shoes and carry some form of identification on you. Many of these parties are on the Rio Carnival event list. The party located on Avenida Rio Branco, Downtown is a musical competition like no other. It starts on Saturday and ends on Tuesday. The largest and most organized party is on Cinelândia Square! Did I mention that street parties are free?

The Parade is something that you will always remember! The parade is located at the Sambadrome. This is where the beautiful costumes and amazing floats come in!

Warning: There will probably be some form of nudity…I’m just saying. The parade happens each night during the week of Carnival. The show is LONG! (Ends around 5:00 AM). I promise that it is completely worth it! The parade is a competition of Samba schools, and the schools are judged at the end of the week. It is beautiful to those who are watching, but these dance teams are giving it all down this half a mile runway! I am sure those costumes & bright lights are no joke.1424052197484

 If you are interested in the history of Rio Carnival, the Samba Museum is located inside the Sambadrome at the very end of the runway. It is directly under the arches of Apotheosis Square.(You couldn’t miss them if you tried!) 

sambodrome_1342640i (1)

Costs & Fees

You knew this was coming….Don’t act like you didn’t.

Now in the grand scheme of things, it’s not bad at all. It just depends on where you are coming from. (Expedia anyone?) Once you are in Rio for Carnival, the only tickets you will need are for the parade and any clubs that you may decide to attend after certain events.


I can not stress this enough! The tickets for the parade go fast, and the prices go up even faster. They start at $47.00/person and shoot up after that! The end is somewhere around $771.00/person. The VIP Boxes are much..MUCH different. To find information for Rio Carnival VIP Boxes CLICK HERE! >>>>Tickets & Prices

Golden Rule: Travel in groups!

We travel not because we want to escape life, but so that we can experience it.