Review | Smashbox Studio Skin Foundation

Diasehs Smashbox Studio Skin

Ladies, Gentlemen & Unicorns…I have stumbled upon another amazing product!

The Backstory | As a WOC (Woman of Color), I struggle with finding the correct shade of foundation. It has nothing to do with my color matching skills or the product price point. I have an orange/warm undertone. That leaves me with a dilemma most of the time. It is generally one of two things…My skin will look like I have on funeral home makeup, or I will look three shades darker for no reason. Nothing against having a tan but I need my face and neck to match so that I don’t look like a cakepop! I have been playing around with this new foundation for a month or so just to make sure I really like it…This one is A1!


The Product | I PURCHASED this foundation from my local Ulta for $42.00 USD (excluding tax). I know some of you are saying…$42…I’m not spending that much on foundation blah, blah…etc. It is WORTH IT! I chose the shade 4.05, and that was an exact match for me.

Smashbox Studio Skin Shades

This product is available in 22 shades and has a very thin consistency. At first I was a bit thrown off. When you initially apply this product… it looks very dewy. After that, it settles into a natural/matte finish. Work quickly because it settles fast! This foundation passed the Beauty Blender Test! Most thin foundations get soaked into your beauty blender (Wet or Not). This one blended evenly and kept a nice finish all day. I don’t find myself looking oily throughout the day or worrying about looking like I just went for a run.

PS: You can layer this product for a medium to full coverage look. Let the previous layer settle before adding another one to prevent creasing.

The Rating |  ⋆ ⋆ ⋆ ⋆

Reason? Color, Finish, Longevity, Packaging & Cruelty Free!

I can’t give it 5 stars because no product is PERFECT, but for my skin…it’s pretty close!

Bonus | First time shopping on the Smashbox official site? Use this code ‘SBX15A’ for 15% off of your first order! This offer expires January 1, 2017.

Diasehs Smashbox Studio Skin


Review | Younique Products

Younique Products

I think every woman who wears makeup goes through that periodic search for their new staple product. Majority of the time it is a foundation, primer or mascara. If you are not willing to admit to this…that’s fine, because I will. I am GUILTY, and I’m perfectly ok with that.

Let me give you a small breakdown of my personal makeup struggles when it comes to finding a good staple product:

  1. I have tiny lashes! Both my parents have beautiful, thick, long eyelashes. Somewhere down the line…someone messed up the cycle. That’s fine because I have found a way around this. Thank you for lengthening mascaras!
  2. I have an orange undertone. Now this is not really a struggle until it comes to foundation. I love the color of my skin! However, many makeup companies leave women of color with my same undertone in the dark. Majority of the foundations that I come across that claim to be a “warm” shade are the right color in the bottle, but are either too dark when dry or make me look washed out. Due to this, I have become a Mixologist!
  3. I have combination skin, and this is common for many women. My nose, forehead and chin (T-zone) are more shine prone throughout the day than the rest of my face. I have to find products for my face that balance everything out. Oil-free on the label does not always cut it.

Now that I am off of my soap box…Let’s get down to business shall we?

I was contacted by a Younique Products Presenter by the name of Jennifer Rougeux, and was asked to review some products for you all!

The reviews on are my personal opinions, and not those of any advertiser, company, affiliate or group. If these products presented work for me, this does not mean that they will 100% work for you. Please read all ingredients in products before use. That is not just regarding this post, but for any product that you put in or on your face and body. Thank you!


Younique’s Touch Mineral Foundation in Cypress – $39.00 USD

Younique’s Liquid Foundation Brush – $32.00 USD

When I originally opened the product package I was surprised. Not only by the construction of the bottle, but because Jennifer chose my correct foundation shade based on pictures alone (That doesn’t happen often). The top to the bottle is a long dropper.


The product will be extremely watery if you don’t…We don’t want that. The texture of the foundation after this is very light weight, and goes on smoothly. Despite the thin consistency, this product is buildable, and afterwards you won’t have a thick cake face. For those who love the “No Makeup-Makeup” look this is perfect, and is buildable for those who want that extra glam.

For the finer applications, the Younique Liquid Foundation Brush is perfect. The bristles are extremely soft and glide around corners easily. When I want more of a full coverage I use this brush first just to get the product right where I want it, then play double dutch with my  Real Techniques Expert Face Brush. For heavier applications, the Younique brush slid around a bit too much for my liking, but that’s just me.

Shine test approved! I am Event Coordinator, and there are times when I am working for 17 hours straight…I put this foundation to the test, and I had a fresh face all day!


Younique’s Touch Mineral Concealer in Cypress – $29.00 USD

This concealer is FULL COVERAGE & WATERPROOF. I was a bit skeptical at first, due to the tube being so tiny, but it does the trick. To put this product to the test, I covered half of my wrist tattoo with it. Those of you with ink know it takes a lot to cover a black ink tattoo!

| Full Coverage Test |

One layer of concealer was applied directly to the tattoo. No primer. No orange corrector. This was less than a dime size circle of product! I applied this product with my Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge in a dabbing motion.

| Waterproof Test |

Using the same application from the previous test, I let warm water run over the product for 2 minutes consistently. This concealer did not budge at all. I am sticking with this one for sure!


Younique’s Glorious Face & Eye Primer – $39.00 USD

This is hands down my new favorite primer! I am a big fan of clear gel primers. They glide on with ease, and help your makeup go on so smoothly. A little bit of this product goes a long way. Do not cake it on or your face. If you do, your face will end up feeling slick, and your makeup will not stay where you want it to. Just a little bit does the trick!

Now I will say this, if you plan on using a cream based shadow…do not use this on your lids. The product will not adhere to your lid properly. For pressed shadows it is perfect, and it helps the shadow show in its truest color.


Younique’s Splurge Cream Eyeshadow in Splurge – $26.00 USD

I wasn’t exactly sure how I felt about this shadow at first. This shadow is in a spongy cream form. I wouldn’t exactly call it a shadow…it’s more like a lid “highlight” or “shimmer”.  I used this color by itself and it came out like a light cream shade and glitter. I tried using it on top of one of my pressed shadows and fell in love with it. It made the color pop! You can also use this product on the inner corner of your eyes. It catches the light very well. If you are doing a bronze/beachy look, then this is your go to!

Bonus: Here is a makeup look I did using this shadow! Eyeshadow_Younique

All Products: Vegas Nay’s Grand Glamour Lashes by Eylure, Buttery by Anastasia Beverly Hills (Self Made Palette) as a base, Puree by Too Faced (Sweet Peach Palette) as a transition color, Summer Yum by Too Faced (Sweet Peach Palette) as an outer corner transition color, Metallic Plum by Anastasia Beverly Hills (Self Made Palette) as a crease color, Treasure by Anastasia Beverly Hills (Self Made Palette) on the lid, Elegant by Younique on top of TreasureIsla by Anastasia Beverly Hills (Self Made Palette) on the lower lash line smoked out with Blue Velvet by Anastasia Beverly Hills (Artist Palette), Expresso Micro Brow Pencil by NYX and Carbon Black Better Than Sex Mascara by Too Faced on lower lashes.


Younique’s Stiff Upper Lip Stain in Saucy– $22.00 USD

Story time! When I was a little girl, my mother used to let me play in her makeup, and I loved her red lipstick. Of course being a kid, I was not allowed to wear makeup. I found a sweet alternative in red popsicles. I loved the tint that it left on my lips, and that was my “makeup” for the few hours that it lasted. So I have always been a fan of red lip tints. They are sultry, but subtle enough for any occasion. I love this lip stain because it does not dry my lips out, and that seems to be a big problem with most tints. The product is thin, but it’s not runny. It literally looks like ink…and it should!


Younique’s Moodstruck 3D Fiber Lashes+ – $29.00 USD

This mascara comes in two parts. The longer tube is the Transplanting Gel, and the shorter tube contains the Natural Fibers. The goal is to achieve long, natural looking lashes, and this gets the job done. However, there is a trick to it. The product directions say to coat your lashes with the gel then apply the fibers while the gel is still wet. After this, go back over the fibers with the gel to seal them in. You can repeat these steps until you have reached the look that you are going for. I do things a bit differently. I apply one coat of a regular lengthening mascara (Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara) FIRST, and then I use this mascara. The results are magical!

The first image is with no mascara, the second is with one coat of the Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara and the last is with 2 coats of the Younique Moodstruck 3D Fiber Lashes+.

Interested in these products? Want to see what else Younique has to offer?

Contact Jennifer Rougeux!




Oils: Your New Best Friends

No matter what season it is, you want to be sure that your hair and skin glow! Nourishment is extremely important, and if you feel a little “rough around the edges” lately…this is what you’re looking for!

Let’s start with the basics shall we?

Carrier oils? What are those?

Carrier Oils

Carrier oils are pressed from the fat bearing portions (seeds, nuts,etc.) and do not evaporate. The scents of these oils are not as strong as that of essential oils.

Some examples of carrier oils are: Argan, Olive & Monoi

Argan Oil: This popular oil comes from the kernels of the Argan tree. This tree is found in Morocco. It can be used on the hair or skin. It is more frequently used on the hair as it is said to penetrate the hair shaft with amazing results: moisture, anti-frizz properties & shine.


Product: One ‘N Only Argan Oil 12-N-1 Daily Treatment can be purchased from Sally Beauty for $9.99 USD (In-Store & Online)

This product is AMAZING! I have used this personally on my hair when it was relaxed & now on my natural hair. Be sure not to use too much. A little goes a long way, especially with straight hair (Don’t want to weigh it down). When straightening hair, put this in your hair while it is wet.

Common confusion: Argan oil and Moroccan oil are NOT the same thing. They do indeed come from the same place, BUT….

  • Argan oil is from a kernel as previously stated (THAT IS ALL)
  • Moroccan oil is not just one thing. It is made from various ingredients, and Argan oil is one of those ingredients


You can pick up this 0.8 oz. Moroccan Oil Treatment at Nordstrom for $14.80 USD!

Keep in mind that Moroccan oil is generally more expensive than Argan oil, but both products are well worth the cost.

Olive oil: is the fat obtained from an olive! The olives are pressed and the oils are then drained.

This oil is jam-packed with anti-aging antioxidants and is amazing when it comes to moisture. I consider this to be a staple product!

You can use Olive oil in various ways:

  • Hair: As a hot oil treatment or as a leave in (Only use a bit!)
  • Skin: Olive oil is amazing for healing dry skin. If you have issues with dry skin (especially eczema) this diverse little oil will be your best friend. It is best used when skin is damp.
  • Nails: CRACKED CUTICLES BE GONE! At night, add a bit of olive oil to your finger tips and massage gently.


Product: You can find olive just about anywhere! Just make sure it is Extra Virgin Olive OilThe average price is around $3.00- $6.00 USD for a decent size bottle.

Monoi Oil: This oil is ONLY produced in Tahiti (not the product that contains it, but the oil itself). This oil has a bit of fragrance to it because it is made by soaking the petals of the Tahitian gardenia in coconut oil (soaked for about a month).


Product: ‘Monoi de Tahiti’ Body Glow II by NARS & this product can be purchased at Sephora for $59.00 USD.

Uses for Monoi Oil:

  • Can be used as a bath oil. This helps make skin nice and supple.
  • You can mix this oil with your lotion. It helps skin retain moisture & adds a nice scent.
  • My personal favorite is that you can add this oil to conditioner for added nourishment and shine.

BONUS: This oil is extremely lightweight!

Disclaimer: If you are allergic to Gardenias..please DO NOT USE this oil. Regular old coconut oil will do just fine!

Try these oils! Experiment, and see what works best for you!