Kendall + Kylie | 08.08.16

KylieOf all the ideas that the Jenner girls have come up with…this might be the most cliché but genius move they could have made.

For those of you that don’t know who these girls are (How can you not?)

Their names are Kendall and Kylie Jenner.

Last name ring a bell? These two are the daughters of Caitlyn Marie Jenner (Formally known as Bruce Jenner). When you have a parent who is an Olympian, Kanye West as your brother-in law and model for huge marketing campaigns….chances for success fall in your favor when it comes to starting your own brand.

Many people are saying that they are pulling a “Mary-Kate & Ashley”…The Olsen twins are not the first sisterly duo to start a brand together.

Let’s get real people.

The girls have their foot in the door already. They have lines at Pacsun and Topshop. What’s the difference? This is their first personally owned brand. At Pacsun and Topshop, the companies had a large part in what the girls created.

This time it’s up to them to deliver.

These girls have expensive taste, and I’m sure at this point dollar signs are floating around your head. The pieces from the collection will range from $60.00 USD to $250.00 USD. Not too shabby considering the designers, but they still hit the price point a bit higher than their sisters for the Kardashian Kollection.


The Kardashian Kollection was dropped by Sears in 2015 due to lack of sales. Dresses were found on sale at $29.99 USD. The starting price for their “famous” lace dresses were originally around $189.00 USD. After realizing that the “Kollection” was making their profits plummet to brow raising numbers, Sears quietly and slowly removed them from the store. The Kardashian Kollection has been replaced at Sears by AX Paris. If you miss this collection, there is still hope. The sisters have a FEW pieces on the DASH site.

ax paris

The Kendall + Kylie Instagram is already up and running! I must say… it looks very promising. The collection features feminine/classic styles that are designed by Kendall, and hard hitting/streetwear pieces are designed by Kylie.

Only makes sense right? Thought so.

The collection will be sold at some major retailers: Neiman Marcus, Saks Fifth Avenue, Nordstrom, Shopbop, Lord & Taylor and Revolve! They followed the classic monochrome color palette of white and black. Accent colors will be blue and pale pink.

Word on the street is that the collection will be available on the main site February 1, 2016. Why would they do this BEFORE the launch party?

I have no idea…that’s why it’s called gossip


  Fun Fact: The launch party will take place 3 days before New York Fashion Week!

Curious about the NYFW Schedule?….Click here!

Photo Credit: Kendall + Kylie



Pyer Moss: NYFW & Black Lives Matter


Designers showing at New York Fashion Week have always found a way to bring hard hitting news to the runway.

This year, Kerby Jean-Raymond’s collection for the label Pyer Moss hit home!

Jean-Raymond incorporated videos of police violence during the show. Some of these incidents include: The Eric Garner case, police brutality at the Texas pool party, chasing of suspects and breaking of car windows. At the age of 28 years, this designer is really turning heads in a major way!

The collection is for Spring 16′, and incorporates “restraint“. With the collection being majority white in color, some of the pieces have very interesting accents: Red stripes that portray gunshot wounds, a jacket in reference to Eric Garner saying “Breathe, breathe, breathe”, and a pair of boots with the names of victims on the side.

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Jean-Raymond invited some family members of those who were victim to police brutality. This is his first time bringing this form of activism into a show, and it will probably be the last. The designer has lost a European account that blamed the cancellation of business on “lack of space“. He decided to take charge because he felt as though many others were not stepping up to the plate.


Jean-Raymond originally made “They Have Names” shirts for his Spring 15′ line, but did not use them for the show. He feared backlash and did not add the piece to the show.  Later he released the piece for sale to the public. This year he put fear aside and took control!

Disclaimer: In no way I am bashing police or their departments. This is fashion, and fashion speaks for itself. Don’t shoot the messenger.