Painless Slay: 6 Ways to Make Heels More Comfortable

Spring Heel Diasehs

Ladies, spring is in full effect, and with a new season comes some new pieces added to your wardrobe. The first thing I go shopping for is shoes! Today, I’m going to give you 6 tips and tricks to make your slay a little less painful.

Keep it Low

It’s so tempting to reach for those sky-high stilettos, but your feet will not be thanking you later. Look for a cute pair of shoes in the kitten heel to 3 inch range. Not liking that idea? Look around town for a great shoe repair shop. Most places can shorten the heel of your shoe without changing the overall style.

Disco Fever

I’m not going to ask you to pull out your big wig and body glitter, but platform height on a pair of heels is super important. High heels in the 4-5 inch range feel much more comfortable with a thicker platform. You still get that sexy height that you are looking for, and the platform helps you find a nice, even balance. Dance the night away!

Watch Your Step!

Many of us learn to walk in heels from various people or scenarios: watching a mom or sister, pageants or the most common “self-taught” strut.

Truth be told, there really is a proper way to walk in heels. Walk heel-to-toe, and be sure to keep good posture. I’m not saying you have to walk with a book on your head, but please carry yourself gracefully.

Bonus: Do you have to climb a lot of stairs in your daily life? No fear! Stair rails are your best friend. Also, be sure to use the ball of your shoe only when going up the steps. This will help prevent the missed step slip and fall.

Give Them a Test Run

How many times have you made the last minute statement, “I need to find some new shoes to wear tonight!” Yes…Yes you. Don’t feel bad because we have all done it… Only to learn that we should have grabbed that favorite pair of killer heels out of the closet. If you’re going for some high heels, never wear them straight out of the box. Break them in some! Wear them around the house and get a good feel for them.

Bonus: Breaking in some pumps? Use an old school trick! Put on a pair of thick socks, and wear your shoes inside for a while. This little space will give you a bit of added comfort for when you wear them out!

Know Your Body

Everyone’s feet are different, and even though shoes have names (I have a favorite pair of heels named Stecy)…they are not made with each specific shopper in mind. If you have a wider foot, shop for a wide fit. Most popular brands have a width option. If you have flat feet, try not to wreak havoc on your arches with anything more than three inches. You will thank me later, I promise.

Walk on Air

Gel inserts are now more shoe specific than they have ever been! If you feel pressure on the ball of your foot while walking or they slide around in your new babies, it might be time to gel it up. The inserts will add comfort to your step and add resistance so that pain will be a minimized or non-existent factor. Dr. Scholl’s has a line of inserts made specifically for heels. Need a pair? Click here!

Remember, fashion is a form of personal expression. Be bold and get out of your comfort zone! Grab that animal print or bright color. Let your shoes speak for you! Leave a comment below, and let me know what your favorite spring shoe/shoe trend is for 2017.

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She’s Trending| Pom Poms & Tassels


Spring is definitely here, and if you’re looking for a way to spice up your style, try adding this heavy hitting trend to your collection!

Zara Sandles 2

POMPOM Leather Sandals at Zara – $89.99 USD

Style Tip: These fun sandals can stand alone! Pairing these shoes with a slew of other colorful pieces can take you from a FASHIONISTA to just plain TACKY. Keep it simple ladies!

pom pom romper missguided

Jersey Bardot Pom Pom Detail Playsuit at Missguided – $47.60 USD

Style Tip: This piece is romantic and very feminine. Perfect for a relaxing day out or a late beach date. Play it up! Add a pretty highlight to your shoulders, add some beachy waves or a messy bun for a finished look.

Pom Pom Band of Gypsies Top

Band of Gypsies Print Tie Back Crop Top at Nordstrom – $48.00 USD

Can’t find your size? Try Dillards!

Style Tip: This outfit has some tan highlights in the flowers, and that is perfect. How so? Nude sandals! Not only will they add the perfect contrast to your outfit, but nude shoes make your legs look longer. You can’t beat that!
Bonus: Try these cute caged heels from LuLu’s

Steve Madden Sassey in Yellow Suede

Sassey High Heeled Sandals  at Steve Madden – $129.95 USD

Style Tip: These sandals can be a triple threat! Use them to color block a simple outfit, brighten up a nighttime look or use them as a complimentary color piece
Bonus: Yellow shoes look best paired with blue, black, white or green.

zoe quote.jpg

Is there a trend you would like to see? Not sure how to style something? Let me know!

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