6 Valentine’s Day Gifts Your Girl Will Love

Happy Saturday Loves! Welcome to Part II of my Valentine’s Day Gift Series. You know I had to save the best for last, so let’s jump right in!

As I stated in my previous post…

FACT | Valentine’s Day gift shopping is the ultimate mind-blower next to Christmas.

GIFT #1 | Prynt Pocket

This was a little gadget I stumbled upon via YouTube, and I actually had the opportunity to test one out recently. If your lady loves taking pictures, this will be such a game changer! This pocket Prynt-er allows you to make beautiful memories, and the added bonus is that the picture doubles as a video! All you have to do is use the app, and it shows you the video that you included with your photo. All it takes is a quick scan! This is great for a girl’s night out or vacation!


PRICE | $$$

BONUS: For a subscription of $35.00 USD/2 Months, you will receive an unlimited supply of Prynt paper! I also have a promo code for you! Enter the code VBAE at checkout and receive a free item to go with your purchase!


GIFT #2 |  Sì Eau de Parfum from Giorgio Armani

If I could imagine what HEAVEN smells like…It would be this scent!

This has become a personal favorite of mine, and as of right now, I wear it every single day. As I previously stated in my 5 VALENTINE’S DAY GIFTS YOUR GUY WILL LOVE post, I am very picky with scents. It’s a hit or miss…no in between. This fragrance is called Sì for a reason! This parfum is a chypre which means it has a very warm scent with citrus top notes. I would call this “spicy”. The fragrance also includes deep blackcurrant nectar, airy floral notes and musky blond wood. If she likes brown sugar, vanilla, the Twilight Woods or Sensual Black Currant Vanilla line from Bath and Body Works you are good to go!


PRICE | $$ – $$$


GIFT #3 | BarBella Box

Is your lady team #GirlsWhoLift, or does she count her weights in kilos? This might be the box for her! This company provides premium functional fitness apparel that is selected just for women. They send you a subscription box monthly, quarterly or annually. All of the boxes are packed with amazing fitness gear and products that have just the right amount of feminine flare. Can you say cupcake printed booty shorts? Help her show off those #gains with a new BarBella Box!

BRANDS INCLUDED IN PREVIOUS BOXES | Nike, Sandbar, Born Primitive, Wod & Done, Fleo, LifeAid, RokFit, EXO, Kill Cliff, Femme Royale, Quest, Rock Tape, Belle & Bell, Tiger Balm and more!


PRICE | $$ – $$$

BONUS: Receive free shipping on an order of $75 USD or more by using the promo code FREESHIP75 at checkout!


GIFT #4 | Photoshoot

Lights…Camera…ACTION! This will definitely make your girl feel like a SUPERMODEL! Does she love getting dressed up for the camera? Let her show off her style and have memories that will last a lifetime. I can’t guide you directly to the best photographer in your area, but I know who can! The Professional Photographers of America can help! For my International Loves, do not let the title turn you away. You can choose any country you would like. Just type in your location, and the site will do the rest!

Bonus: Want to really make her day? Add a makeup artist to the package! You can find one that you think she will love, or let her pick her favorite. If she’s a mini makeup guru, I am sure she will have one in mind.


PRICE | $$$ – $$$$


GIFT #4 | Away Travel

Up, Up and AWAY! I know that was corny, but it was so appropriate! Does your lady get the frequent case of #wanderlust? Does she love watching travel vlogs? Do you plan on taking a trip together? If so, make her adventures more glam, modern and simple with some new luggage from Away Travel! I have the Carry-On in Sand, and this is my travel baby! Before I say anything else about this piece, let me jump to the most important part…


On top of that amazing bonus, it has a built in charging system, so no more hunting for outlets while she’s waiting at the gate or riding the shuttle to her terminal. This luggage also meets the carry on requirements for majority of the major airlines (All US airlines are covered). They have many options to choose from in other sizes, colors, and you can add a monogrammed tag for $10 USD!


PRICE | $$$


GIFT #6 | Slant Collections

Does your lady love to entertain guests? This could be for holiday parties, girl’s night, viewing parties, small gatherings, etc. If so, go with Slant Collections! They have so many cute and fun drinkwear collections and conversation starters. Their bar bells are perfect for any night of fun and drinks with friends! You can purchase a few items and make it into a cute little gift basket that will make her next get together nothing short of amazing! They even have the site broken down by themes so you will definitely be guided in the right direction.


PRICE | $$ – $$$


PS: If you were paying attention, you will see that the ladies got one more gift idea than the guys. Something special is in the works! I feel #GIVEAWAY fever coming on!

Like these gift ideas? Leave a comment below, and let me know which one is your favorite!


Wanderlust: Events, Places & Culture

Travel is something everyone experiences in life. Whether it be moving to a new town or going on an adventure.

For those of you that love to travel, you may be familiar with the word WANDERLUST. For those of you that are not…

Wanderlust is a feeling. It is a strong desire to travel and explore the world.

There have been a few places & events that I have been wanting to see. I figured….Why not share with you?

Lets take a trip

The Color Run

This fun & colorful 5k run is currently the single LARGEST event series in the WORLD! The Color Run events are held in 50+ countries. If you’re not big on running, that is perfectly ok. This event is about having a great time! The best part is that this race has no time limit!

How does the race work? 

Ticket prices are broken up into two categories: Team Runners & Individual Runners.

Prices for Team Runners are as low as $35.00/person and can reach almost $60.00/person.

Prices for Individual Runners are as low as $39.50/person and can reach almost $60.00/person.

The sooner the purchase | The cheaper the ticket!

Participants start the race in a white shirt (Please do not show up in any other color). This is obvious because the colors will show up much better this way!

At each kilometer, participants are doused in crazy & vivid colors that can range from hot pink to aqua blue.

Once you are finished with the race…it’s not over! The Color Run hosts a Finish Festival. This is a huge party that includes music, dancing, food & color throws (You get one color throw of your own at the beginning of the race, and additional color throws can be purchased at the festival).

The Color Run is all about:

  • Healthiness: Promotion of a healthier lifestyle.
  • Happiness: This race is known as the “Happiest 5k on the Planet“.
  • Individuality: Everyone is welcome, & everyone runs for their own reasons.
  • Giving back: Millions of profits gained from Color Run events have been donated to charities (HandsOn Jacksonville, Boys and Girls Club of Atlantic City, Maui United Way & the Cool Kids Campaign are just to name a few!)

To check out their site & possibly register to participate in a Color Run event CLICK HERE! >>>> SHINE TOUR 2015!

Coachella: The Coachella Valley Music & Arts Annual Festival

This festival is so massive that it is broken up into TWO WEEKENDS! Coachella is held at Inland Empire’s Coachella Valley in the Colorado Desert. This event is in April, and the lineups are identical, so if you miss the first weekend…just go to the second one. You really can’t lose!

Not just one genre of music is showcased at this festival. They have branched out to cover  rock, indie, hip hop, and electronic dance music! Some of the artists that performed at this years festival are: The Weeknd,Tyler the Creator, Azealia Banks, Drake and David Guetta.

When you enter Coachella, the set times for performances are posted everywhere, but if you forget a time just check the site. On the official site you can build your own schedule as well!

Art will be everywhere, and you can not miss most of the pieces because some of them are just….HUGE!


Lightweaver by STEREO-BOT (Coachella 2014)

Escape Velocity by POETIC KINETICS (Coachella 2014)


Pulp Pavilion by BALL-NOGUES STUDIO (Coachella 2015)

Are you an artist that is interested in showcasing your large scale artwork at Coachella? Email low resolution images of your past work & your proposal to INFO@COACHELLA.COM.

Now, let’s get back to business!

To get to Coachella, you can either drive (if you are going with friends, carpooling is best) or you can ride the shuttle. Tickets can be purchased alone or you can purchase your Coachella ticket and shuttle ticket in a bundle package. CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFO! >>>> Valley Music Travel

I did mention that Coachella is in the desert right? Well just in case I didn’t (I did), IT’S IN THE HOT…SCORCHING…DESERT! There I think I got my point across. Please stay hydrated. Wear clothes that are light and airy…don’t go almost naked though…unless you are into that kind of thing. The weather at night is a completely different case! Bring a few layers with you because it could get a bit cool.

Coachella does have a long list of restricted items! Please make sure you look over this before you start packing your bags. Some of these restricted items are: drugs of any kind (This includes medical marijuana.), recorders, chains, flags, pets (Leave little scruffy at home!), professional cameras, sharpies/markers, hula hoops ( Don’t look at me crazy…I don’t know why either!), selfie sticks, fireworks, umbrellas, tents, laser pointers, outside food/drinks, etc. For the rest of the list CLICK HERE! >>>> Festival Info!

There will be vendors everywhere selling food, clothes and all kinds of things! As of 2015, credit cards are accepted, but if you feel the need to carry cash…there are ATM machines available. There are also cell phone charging stations for those that bring them, and DAY parking is free!

Venue gates open at 11:00 AM each day and the last set generally ends around 12:30/1:00 AM.

Check out the official Coachella site for more information! CLICK HERE! >>>> The Coachella Valley Music & Arts Annual Festival

Rio Carnival

This week long event is held in February every year, and is known for its explosive showcase of culture! There will be a massive parade, beautiful costumes, food, music and all of Rio to see!

Rio Carnival is generally broken up into many parts, but there are two types that are a “Must See“: Street Parties & The Parade!

Street Parties are literally the parties that just don’t stop. They occur every day… all day…for 1394413485-block-party-and-street-carnival-in-porto-alegre_4145152the entire week practically. There will be dancing, food and live music! The individuals who organize these street parties are called Blocos. This is the time to enjoy the city, and all that it has to offer. Just make sure you wear comfortable shoes and carry some form of identification on you. Many of these parties are on the Rio Carnival event list. The party located on Avenida Rio Branco, Downtown is a musical competition like no other. It starts on Saturday and ends on Tuesday. The largest and most organized party is on Cinelândia Square! Did I mention that street parties are free?

The Parade is something that you will always remember! The parade is located at the Sambadrome. This is where the beautiful costumes and amazing floats come in!

Warning: There will probably be some form of nudity…I’m just saying. The parade happens each night during the week of Carnival. The show is LONG! (Ends around 5:00 AM). I promise that it is completely worth it! The parade is a competition of Samba schools, and the schools are judged at the end of the week. It is beautiful to those who are watching, but these dance teams are giving it all down this half a mile runway! I am sure those costumes & bright lights are no joke.1424052197484

 If you are interested in the history of Rio Carnival, the Samba Museum is located inside the Sambadrome at the very end of the runway. It is directly under the arches of Apotheosis Square.(You couldn’t miss them if you tried!) 

sambodrome_1342640i (1)

Costs & Fees

You knew this was coming….Don’t act like you didn’t.

Now in the grand scheme of things, it’s not bad at all. It just depends on where you are coming from. (Expedia anyone?) Once you are in Rio for Carnival, the only tickets you will need are for the parade and any clubs that you may decide to attend after certain events.


I can not stress this enough! The tickets for the parade go fast, and the prices go up even faster. They start at $47.00/person and shoot up after that! The end is somewhere around $771.00/person. The VIP Boxes are much..MUCH different. To find information for Rio Carnival VIP Boxes CLICK HERE! >>>>Tickets & Prices

Golden Rule: Travel in groups!

We travel not because we want to escape life, but so that we can experience it.